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TDS for A/P Invoice

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Hi All,

I have created two types of withholding tax code

1 with category Invoice

2 with category Payment

as I want to calculate TDS at the time of invoice & at the time of payment.

the issue is coming during A/P invoice. when I am opening the table only withholding tax code having category INVOICE is showing. If anybody can help.

Thanks Annu

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When you setup TDS(Withholding Tax Setup)

then the there are two category 1.Invoice And Second PAyemnt. then meaning for same is given below

Invoice u2013 the withholding tax calculation appears in the invoice and is recorded in the journal entry when the invoice is added.

Payment u2013 the withholding tax calculation appears in the invoice, but is recorded in the journal entry when it is created by the incoming payment based on that invoice.

Thanks & Regards


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Dear Experts,

I know the initial settings during withholding tax. In category we choose either invoice or payments.

I created 2 tax code one having Invoice category and in other tax code category is payment.

After that in BP master data for a vendor I have chooses both tax code but in

A/P invoice when I open Withholding Tax table it is showing only 1 tax code having category invoice.

I need to know why?

in A/R invoice it is showing both tax code for customer.



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Hello Anu,

TDS only for Vendor not for customer.

But whenever company sale Scrap materials then we use TCS for customer



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Can you explain it in detail please?