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tcode FK08, FK09

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What is the specific use of the TCODES fk08 and fk09,

I read the short description but did not get a grip of them, searched SDN also but not helpful

I also wanted to know whare and why we use these tcodes


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FK08 is used when some sensitive vendor master field(s) (like bank details) is changed (single vendor), which requires confirmation by a second person usually a FI person, whereas FK09 is used to confirm mass changes made on the vendor masters (multiple vendors) sensitive fields. Both transaction codes are normally used by FI person. If either one of this is not used, then the vendor account is put on the blocked status so that accounts payable cant be made.

For FK09, the help reads,

Short text

Display/Confirm Critical Vendor Changes


Program RFKCON00 is used for displaying and changing the vendor's confirmation status (LFA1-CONFS, LFB1-CONFS).

The confirmation status provides information as to whether sensitive fields have been changed in the vendor master record, and whether the changes have been confirmed or rejected by dual control.

The user defines the sensitive fields in the master record in the Customizing table T055F. When a change is made to a sensitive field, a payment run block is activated for that account, and the confirmation status "To be confirmed" is set.

The authorized user can change the confirmation status either individually, or by calling up the list generated by this program and double-clicking on the account to be confirmed.

Changes made to general data and company code data are confirmed separately.


You can use the selection criteria to limit the number of vendors and confirmation statuses displayed. You can also limit the display to the accounts which you are authorized to confirm.

The confirmation status is represented by a colored stoplight:

GREEN Confirmed

YELLOW To be confirmed

RED Rejected