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Tcode: FF_5: Error Msg FB736 appears in foreground only, and not in Background job

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Hi Guys,

When I execute Tcode FF_5 (program RFEBKA00) with variant in foreground, I am getting ABORT error FB736 (House bank table: No entry with bank key XXXXXXX and acct YYYYYYYYYYY). I am expecting this error for my test scenerio.

But when I execute it in bacground with same variant in background job, then job log does not show this error, in SM37 the status shows FINISHED with green.

Can somebody throw some light on this or have experienced the same.

Thanks a lot,

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Dear Manoj,

I'm doubtful whether you configuration is correct or not?  we get the above error only when the bank information is not correctly updated in system.

Please check the house bank customization also check the assignment of bank key in OT83