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TAXES ( high priority)

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here i want configure the scenario that i want to purchase a excisable material from vendor, but he says the amount of material is say 1000 inr ( inclusive of taxes).

so when i m going for ME21N, I m not knowing the rates for material but system automatically calculates it from masters.

But at the time of GRN, i know the exact duty amount .so how i adjust the GRN excise duties with PO excise duties?

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Answers (2)

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This scenario is related to First Stage /Second stage Dealer Invoice.

In Dealer Invoice,The net price =Basic Price +Tax.

Follow these steps :

1.Create 0% tax code & in FV11 for BED,ECess,SHECess assign this taxcode if tax procedure is TAXINN.

2.Create Purchase Order with 0% tax in the Invoice tab.Enter Net price.Save it.

3.Since, the exact duties are not known,first capture the duties in j1iex,ie part2 entry.Enter the net price, BED,SED,AED in there respective fields.Flag the MRP indicator in the Misc tab.(This shows its dealer and duties are entered as obtained by the invoice submitted by the trader ).

save it.Its not posted.

4.Now goto MIGO for GR,make part 1 posting.

5.Again goto j1iex for part 2 posting.Here you can view the different rates.

6.Then follow MIRO posting with tax codes ( Excise).

Do this and hope you get the solution..

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for this after po

u can create excise invoice, capthure excise invoice, post excise invoice, in which u maitain exact tax amount

t code j1iex, j1iex_c