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Taxbox configuration T007L_IT BLACKLIST

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Hi guru

in the taxbox configuration t007L_it what I have to put in the following fields:


Tx group no.


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Please refer the note no 1517201

and below point.

- Table T007L_IT: this is table used to identify tax boxes. All

vat codes relevant for the declaration should be mapped

whithin a tax box.

- Proposal for tax box creation according to record trace. it is

necessary to create table T007L_IT according to this mapping

proposal in order to fill the correct positions in the file.

- handling of goods and services for tax box determination:

1) Vat code management: it is necessary to duplicate for every

model relevant tax code, the tax code for goods and services.

It is necessary to use 2 different tax codes for goods and

services, in order to fill appropriately the rows in the model

(record C, non positional fields). 2) Document

type: alternatively or additionally to vat code the document

type can be used: define a document type for services and one

for goods.


Table: T007L_IT

Displayed Fields: 6 of 6 Fixed Columns: 5

Client Company Code Tax Code Document Type Transaction Tx group no.

700 LCZ2 V1 DR MWS 02


Madhu M

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Dear Madhu,

do you have a list of the notes to be applied for the BL report in the order in which they should be implemented

also do we need to do any manual steps for  the new Spesometro report for which black list report/ notes are a prerequisite ....



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Dear Sangarsh123,

Could you plese let me know for which customer you need the all the notes and also let me know the customer current SAP_APPL release, then it will be easy for you to give all the notes for Italy Black List declaration.

Thanks and best regards,

Niteesh Rai