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Tax rate maintenance is not supported in Ctry/Reg. &1, display mode only

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Tax Code Creation not possible in app Define Tax code for Sales/Purchases ID 101016 

I am unable to create new tax code as the screen is only on display mode.  Tax rate maintenance is not supported in Ctry/Reg. &1, display mode only 

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Tax Rate maintenance is only possible if the TDT (Time-Dependent Tax) solution is activated in your system.

See Time-Dependent Taxes (TDT) is available for countries Countries/Regions Where Time-Dependent Taxes Is Enabled

 If the Country is not available for Time Dependent Tax, you should create a new case/Service Request according to the Roadmap Configure Tax Solution.


Follow link below which provides all steps for activation and creation on tax codes for countries for where time-dependent taxes is enabled.

see referenced in link Defining Tax Codes for Time-Dependent Taxes

"When time-dependent tax calculation (TDT) is active, you can maintain tax codes, rates, and tax code properties.

Once time-dependent tax calculation (TDT) is active for a target country/region, you can use the Define Tax Codes for Sales and Purchases configuration activity to maintain tax rates and tax codes."

see documentation in full. 

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See also documentation on System Landscape and Transport Management