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Tax Jurisdiction % problem on the county & city???

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Hi all

I have defined my tax percentage for output tax code O1 & CA1006001 as 7.25%, 1% & 0.5%.

My problem is whenever it calculates tax for each the state, county & city it should use the base amount as the total amount but what it is doing is it is actually adding the 7.25% state tax to the total amount & then calculating 1% tax for the county . Again it adds both those amounts to the total & calculates the tax for 0.5% as city tax.

Has anyone experienced the same problem before? Please help me..all your time is appreciated.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please check the tax calculation procedure. Calculation of base amount (rows mentioned in FROM TO) may be including state and county for calculating tax amount at county and city level.

Hope this is helps.

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You were right....the 'Fro' field was empty & there I entered the 'Net Value 1' step number in each of the tax condition types & it worked perfectly fine.

Thanks for your help. Points awarded.

Appreciate it....

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