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Tax incorrect after sync to Business One

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Hello everyone,

I have a problem where I am creating users inside of Web Tools, and of course there is no set up there at the address level to set up Sales Tax. I have set up Taxes to be created based on Destination Address, and only when shipping to PA. So, the website is calculating everything correctly, however in B1 it is coming over as a Discount because I cannot define a Tax Code for the shipping address, so it assumes exempt. I saw another thread that started to address the issue, but it went down another pass. What, if anything can I do in this scenario? The most I could do is on the B1 side trigger it to set the tax to PA on all shipping addresses that are within PA, however we are also doing multi-ship for this customer, so if they were shipping inside and outside of PA, I would also have to set the Line Item level. And I digress... Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kristen,

I do not see an easy way to resolve this.

You could create a table in Webtools to link a B1 taxcode to the address, create plugin for the addressblock and save it there, then create a synch plugin to set the address in B1.

That will be a fair amount of work.

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