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TAX in the invoice not calculated relative to the amount of the invoice.

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Hello experts,

After using the billing calendar already set up, the amount of VAT generated in the 1st invoice corresponds to the total amount of VTA of the document whereas it must be calculated relative to the amount of the invoice.

For exemple :

Net value of sales order is = 100 000

the MWST (of sales order) = 20% = 20 000

the net value of 1st invoice is 30 000 so the VTA showing is the 20 000. it should be 6000 (20% of the 30 000)

Sales order :



Invoice :


Please help me

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Answers (1)

Active Contributor

Probably I did not understand the business process, why the percentage in screenshot 27-1.png is 130? You are charging the customer for more than it was originally agreed... and there is not even a closing invoice line

It is also not clear what is the significance of YFZ1 billing type in the billing plan. Are you trying to perform down payment process? If yes - please check the configuration of FAZ, including the copy controls and compare them to your settings. Verify that you use the right billing rule (if this is down payment).

Without having access to your system it is hard to tell how ZTAD is configured (VOV7 and VTAA), how your pricing procedure works, etc. There might be custom logic in some exit, or a VOFM routine, or it it could be just that the copy control setting is not correct.

I would recommend that you start by comparing your setup to TAO/RVAA01/FAZ/F1.

If this investigation still does not explain the incorrect pricing result - there is a really good debugging guide for pricing troubleshooting: Pricing Programs and their logic – Help for debugging. If you do not feel comfortable with debugging - ask a colleague from your development department for assistance.