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Tax data is missing

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Hi All,

When trying to add a A/R Invoice from a Delivery document, we get an error message:

Tax data is missing ArrayOffset 14, srcLineNum 0, srcGroupNum -1"

Alternatively, we do not get any error message but the Freight window pops up when we hit the Add button on AR Invoice. I have checked the tax code and the GL accounts seems to be set right.

Appreciate your help on this.



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Hi Payal ,

Couple of questions for you before we troubleshoot

1. Are you working on demo environment or production environment.Some SAP demo has some issue with tax .

2.What is your SAP version and patch level

3 . Did you put tax code while putting Freight .Or is there a tax code entry in freight window or not in your document

Hope this helps


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1. This is a production environment

2. The version is SAP 2007 PL 35

3. Yes, there is a tax code in the freight window

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I think it is an application error . There has been a lots of thread about 2007 a patch 35 of having too many issues . I believe upgrade to upper patch level would be an better option for you and should solve your issue.

Before you upgrade (Which I strongly suggest) , please check if it is affecting only one business partner or for all or any item .

I have only suggestion this time not exact solution .

Hope this helps


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I know this is quite an old thread, but I would like to also share my experience as we are facing the same issue.

We faced trouble in particular with SOs which have been imported via DTW. The user was not able to change quantities (or other entries) for each of the line items and would receive the described error. Based on the feedback here in this thread it looks to me like:

- If no freight is set, "Do Not Display Freight Charges with Zero Amount"" can be checked

- Afterwards, reselect the correct Tax Group.

After doing this, I was able to change several line items without issues. I could even go back/forth to other SOs and do the same thing.

The error would come up again if I´d close the SO screen and open it anew. At this point, without the first two steps I´d again receive the error.

My theory is not yet 100% proofed, but just a remark to those of you who might be facing the same issue.