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Tax code key combination in FV11

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Hi Experts,

Can you please give me the step by step process to add "tax code" as a key combination in FV11. Please do help with the condition table creation also for this .

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Answers (4)

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Use T-code OBQ1 & check the Access Sequence used for the Tax Conditions, Then

Use T-code OBQ2 & assign the Condition table for Tax code for that Access Sequence,

Now Try doing FV11 to get Tax code.

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When you with maintaioned condition record for  "tax code" in FV11,the keys combination trigers from your condition table which assigned to access sequence which in turn itself access sequence

assigned to tax condition type!

So if needed creates a new condition table 997 with as keys combination Country,Vendor,Plant, Material,Tax code and Region( or else also you can use access sequence JST1 or MWST in t.code: OBYZ).Now create new  access sequence(ZOWN) and assign new condition table(997) and then

assign new access sequence(ZOWN) to all tax condition types in t.code: OBYZ.

As needed,now create tax code (FTXP) and maintaion TAX RATE in condition record in t.code:

FV11 with tax condition type for your new condition keys for Country,Vendor,Plant,

Material,Tax code and Region with for a Validity Period.


Biju K

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if you are using access sequence MWST or a copy of that, you can maintian the taxes thru FTXP and need to go to FV11 only for the setoff conditions like JMX1

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In FV11 for maintaining condition records  use key combination Tax Classification. In FV11, & give in the first column the tax code, in amount column tax % and in the last column again the same tax code that was given in the first column.