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Tax Classification condition change in Customer Master / Material Master

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Hi Folks,

I am at present working on redesign of pricing procedures and as a result I have created new VAT conditions (e.g. MWST).

I have created new conditions with 'Z'.

So Far I have:

1) created new tax condition with 'Z'.

2) updated my pricing procedure with the new condition

Next I am going to:

3) OVK1 - Assigned the new condition to the country

4) OVK4 - Assigned the condition for material tax classification

5) OVK3 - Assigned the condition for customer tax classification

But before I do that I want to analyze the following:

-What will be the effect on the existing material master records which are already using the old condition? I guess we have to make sure that we update all material master data with the right tax classification indicator related to the new condition

-What will be the effect on the existing customer master records?? For this one also we will have to assign correct the tax classification indicators to the new condition which will now appear in customer master.

Apart from this am I missing any step or anything else I need to take care of??? Any advise will be very helpfull


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Yes you need to update both the customer and Material Master Data . Also i Hope you are making fresh condtion record for the new condition types.

Only thing is probably you should not delete the old Condition types , as form the reporting purpose if you go back and check the old order / invoices this will create a problem. Let the old condition type to be as it is. Even don't delete the pricing procedure , copy and create a new one and adjust the new condtion type accordingly.

This is just a Pre-cautionary measure.



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Hi RB,

Thanks for the valuable advice.

Best Regards


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