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Tax Breakup in PLD

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Hi Experts,

I am trying to do Tax Breakup in PLD

I almost done but i am facing lwith a problem.

i am calculating for BED,VAT,Ecess and HEcess.


Id of Nota Fiscal Tax Category for VAT is -7,

Id of Nota Fiscal Tax Category for BED is -50,

Id of Nota Fiscal Tax Category for Ecess is -50,

Id of Nota Fiscal Tax Category for HEcess is -50.

Value for VAT is coming correct but in other value is coming incorrect and same in all

because of ID for Tax Category .

any solution for this.

Thanks & Regards

Manoj S

Edited by: Manoj Sourot on Jul 6, 2009 3:22 PM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Manoj

This is with respect to BED, ECess, HCess and if any combination is there like VAT, all should appear in PLD.

u2022 In SAP you have Table OSTT. In this table all the tax codes are stored. For each Tax code, there will be related Nota Fiscal Id and Numerator.

In PLD, Add repetitive area and in Repetitive area

1. Create 1 text field and enter the number (Nota Fiscal Tax ID or Numerator)

Note : If you are calculating excise duty or service tax or Vat then you will be entering Nota fiscal Tax ID else you will be entering Numerator Number in the Text field you have created.

Let's Assume Field_001 (ex. Field_001 --> -90 or 6)

2. Create 1 database field, in that link the "Sales Tax Authorities Type" table and "Nota Fiscal Tax ID" or "Numerator"

let's assume Field_002

3. Create one Formula Field, In that Check whether the two fields are equal.

let's assume Field_003 contains formula (ie., Field_001==Field_002)

4. Create one Database field, In that link "A/R - tax Amount per Document" table and "Tax Amount" Column.

let's assume Field_004

5. Create one Formula Field, in that multiply two fields

let's assume Field_005 = Field_003 * Field_004.

6. Then in Repetitive area Footer, Create one formula field, and in that Sum that result.

Let's assume Filed_006 = COLSUM("Field_005")

Do the above said process to retrieve separate tax amount values.

To print Tax rate :

In repetitive area footer, create one database field, and now choose A/R Invoice or corresponding table and Tax Rate column.

Let's Assume, that in repetitive area footer Field_101 has the above database table link.

Now, as per my previous reply Create one Text Field and enter "VAT" and then next to text field create Formula Field and Choose the Field_101 in the Formula column.

I hope this could help you to solve your problem.

u2022 You should calculate separately for retrieving the tax amounts of Cess, HSC, VAT like you done for BED.

In End of Report you create text fields for displaying the text like BED, Cess, HSC,VAT, Excise Duty, Freight etc., Adjust to the text boxes, create one formula fields seperatle for each taxes. In that formula field, refer the value you calculated in Repetitive area footer (like Field_106). So that value in those fields will be displayed in these newly created formula fields in End of Report.

Now Click on the Text fields and in Link to Field in General tab, choose the corresponding Formula field numbers (like Field_xxx). This is to be done, since you should not display the text if the value of tax is zero(0).

To display tax rates near text fields (like BED 14%), in the document, you will find the field "tax rate". Create on Database field and choose the document table name and "Tax Rate" column. in repetitive area footer. Let's assume Field_300 = Tax rate. Now in end of report, near the text field, create one more formula field and refer the Field_300. So that it will dynamically change the Tax rate according to the rate we change in Database.

u2022 Tax Description can be hard coded in PLD. Tax amount for BED is a system variable as 351 & 2351 in sap 2007. eCess and SHeCess can be calculated in PLD as 2% and 1% and then displayed. VAT/CST is the difference of Total Tax Amount and BED + eCess + SHeCess. Tax rate for BED is system variable 351(2351). eCess and SHeCess are hard coded as 2 and 1 respectively. Now, VAT/CST Rate can be calculated from the Tax amount and Base Amount.

I Hope now you can Make it.

Pls Close the thread if issue is solved

Ashish Gupte

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Thanks Ashish gupte .

Problem resolved.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Manoj,

Check the following thread;

*Close the thread if issue solved.



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HI Jambulingam P ,

In these links some forum are not answered and some are not with proper solution.

anyway thanks for help.