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Tax Account not allowed to data take over values

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Issue is one service tax account is there ?

in that gl given only output tax allowed, but we need to post last year service tax amount this is not allowed to post becouse in that given only output tax if change all tax allowed its allowing to post.

I dont want to change but i need to post that one?

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Hi Rams,

What is stopping you in changing the tax category and posting?


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Thanks for u r reply,

Actually in fs00 pharameter given only output tax allowed,

my requirement is Datatake over values need to post that means last year.

If change the pharameter its allowed to post all tax catageroy its allowing to post

at the time of direct entry its throwing error

Tax entry not possible in this item

Message no. FF724


You can not enter a tax amount in this item since, due to the posting amount entered and the tax code, a total tax amount of zero has been calculated.

This could either be due to the fact that the tax code has been defined with a value of 0%, or because the posting amount entered (that is, the tax base) is too small.


With a tax rate of 15%, a tax amount greater than zero will only be achieved with a base amount greater than 0.04. With values of 0.03 and less, it is therefore not possible to enter a tax amount.


Only enter tax amounts in conjunction with tax codes for which a percentage rate not equal to zero has been defined. Make sure that in documents with several G/L account items you enter the total tax amount in an item with a sufficiently high posting amount

This is error and if given base amount also its thwing?