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tasklist maintenance in PM

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Hi friends...

i m new to SAP QM.i have one basic doubt i dont know this scenario can acheivable or not...please give solution

i need to maintain tasklist for each equipment and want record result for operations in taskklist like quality result recording,whether particular maintenance operation for equipment is ok/not ok but i dont want to go by preventive maintenance. is it possible to acheive my requirement in pm.

i think it may possible by test equipment management(QM/PM integration), if is it give the procedure?

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Yes its very much possible through QM-PM integration.

If you do not want to go through Preventive maintenance then use single cycle process :

Equipment Calibration will be planned as a single cycle plan and scheduling will be done using Scheduling Parameters.

Calibration order will be created through dead line monitoring functionality and system will generate Inspection lot. Based on the master inspection characteristic parameters and sampling procedure inspection lot will be processed. Results of the testing will be recorded and valuated. System will provide an indication whether the parameters are with in the acceptable limits and usage decision can be taken for acceptance / rejection of the calibration.

Maintenance order can be confirmed, technically completed.

Steps :

u2022 Create task list with Inspection points & MIC -->create qualitative char ( yes or no)

u2022 Create Single Cycle Plan for Test Equipment -- If applicable

u2022 Assign the Task list with Master Inspection Characteristic

u2022 Schedule the plan using the scheduling parameters -- If applicable

u2022 Using Dead line Monitoring function Schedule the Plan -- If applicable

u2022 Release the Calibration Order Generated by the system and Check the Inspection Lot.

u2022 Process the Inspection Lot and Record the results

u2022 Confirm the operations of the calibration order.

u2022 Valuate the results and take Usage decision, automatic technically completion of order(TECO).

Use T codes :

IA01 Create Equipment Task List

IP41 Create Single Cycle Plan

IP10 Schedule Single Cycle Plan

IW32 Release Maintenance Order

QA02 / QA03 Change / display Inspection lot

QE17 Results Recording of Equipment and valuate

IW41 Confirm the Operation

QA11 Record Usage Decision

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Thanks sujit.this solution is very helpful for me.will try the procedure

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certainly i have one more doubt... in this scenario, is it necessary to release machine from production when maintenance order created?

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necessary to release machine from production when maintenance order created?

No.Its an equipment mater ,independent to production ( as system recognize)