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Task User Status Doesn't Change

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Hi Gurus,

I tried to simulate the usage of task user status. Every time I enter a new task, the user status doesn't change.

I have my user status profile like this

INIT - Initial

WIP - Work In Progress

CMPL - Completed

CLSD - Closed

1. I have assigned this to the notification Type

2. I have assigned to Object Type - Change Action, Change Task, Maintenance Notification, and Task

I have created coding (ZTEST) and code group (Z001 - Initial I patterned the description to the user status) for the task. When I enter line item one

ZTEST Z001 status is INIT when I enter line item 2

ZTEST Z002 status is INIT (How can I make this WIP?)

Thank you

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Hershey Hershey

Can you please add some screen shots that show what you are trying to achieve?


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Answers (4)

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OK Vinay,

Moderator should take note of your observation and do needful.

Thank you

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You can make it possible using the user-exit QQMA0014 and function module STATUS_CHANGE_EXTERN.


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Hi rao sir,

though this is not the right place ,

i just wanted to update you ,

there is a bug in the profile page, it's allowing other users to edit work location etc..

please raise the issue.



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Hi, I am trying to determine if there is a configuration of task code vs task user status

For example I enter

Z001 my task user status should be INIT

when I enter another task

Z002 may task user status should be WIP

Thank you.

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HI Pete,

I wanted to know if there is mapping between user status and task code

When I enter Z001 status should be INIT

When I enter Z002 status should be WIP