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target cost on combined order

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we are using mills and sales order costing

separate "original" production orders are combined into one "combined" order.

On the combined order, you cannot have "planned costs" (Error message MILL_OC092)

But is it possible to have target costs on the combined order?



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Hej Nico,

I think the error message, is a little bit confusing. It should be possible, to see planned costs on the combined order.

Further details can be found here:

Order Combination and Controlling (CO)


But maybe a combined production order at an early state has no cost objects. As far as I can see in function module 'CO_COST_SHOW_ORDER_COSTS' the system tries first to find the cost objects, and only if no cost objects can be found for the combined order via CALL FUNCTION 'CK_F_CO_OBJECT_DISPLAY', system checks, if the current order is a combined order, and only in this case, message MILL_OC 092 is displayed.

Could you please try to do the cost analysis for a combined order after order confirmation? I would expect, that in this case the cost analysis can be done.

Looking forward to hear from you,

kind regards,


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the cost analysis after confirmation only shows actual costs. no target.

the actuals are setteled to the underlying original orders based on quantity and on the original order, then you can do an analysis on input and output variance.

but we would like to have the analysis a step earlier on the combined order.