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Taking physical Inventory

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Can you please guide me to for taking the physical inventory and what are the different steps that i should follow while taking the physical inventory?

As our clients is taking the physical inventory for the first time after going live.

Can i find the screenshot help some where on the physical inventory?

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I've found this link using Google - hopefully it's legal to use:

If you use warehouse management, your process will be different (you initiate the process in WM and finish it in IM):

LI01N -create inventory doc, activate

LI02N - change inventory doc, activate

LI11N - Enter count result

LI20 - clear differences in WM

LI21N - clear differences in IM



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Please check this link you will get brief details



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Physical Inventory Process: -

1. Physical Inventory Preparation: - Following are the activities to be carried out in Physical Inventory Preparation phase.

u2022 MI01/MI02/MI03 u2013 Create/Change/Display a Physical inventory document.

u2022 MI01 - Blocking Materials for Posting

u2022 MI21 - Print and distribute the physical inventory document.

A physical inventory document contains, among other things, the following data:

u2022 The plant and storage location in which the count is to take place

u2022 When the count is to take place

u2022 Which materials are to be counted

u2022 For material handled in batches: which batches are to be counted

u2022 In the case of split valuation: which sub-stocks are to be counted

u2022 Which stock types are to be counted

2. Physical Inventory Count: - During the inventory count, all the materials being inventoried are counted and entered physically.

u2022 Counting stocks

u2022 Entering the result of the count on the physical inventory document printout

3. Physical Inventory Analysis: -

u2022 MI04/MI05/MI06 u2013 Enter/Change/Display the result of the count into the system

u2022 MI11 - Initiating a recount, if necessary

u2022 MI07/MI08 - Posting inventory differences

u2022 MI20 u2013 Generating Difference List

Also refer following links;