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what are the tabls are in customer master data, and vendor master data?

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Dear Madhu,

Customer Master:

KNA1 General Data in Customer Master

KNAS Customer master (VAT registration numbers general section)

KNAT Customer Master Record (Tax Groupings)

KNB1 Customer Master (Company Code)

KNB5 Customer master (dunning data)

KNBK Customer Master (Bank Details)

KNBW Customer master record (withholding tax types) X

KNC1 Customer master (transaction figures)

KNC3 Customer master (special G/L transaction figures)

KNEX Customer Master: Legal Control - Sanctioned Party List

KNKA Customer master credit management: Central data

KNKK Customer master credit management: Control area data

KNVA Customer Master Loading Points

KNVD Customer master record sales request form

KNVI Customer Master Tax Indicator

KNVK Customer Master Contact Partner

KNVL Customer Master Licenses

KNVP Customer Master Partner Functions

KNVS Customer Master Shipping Data

KNVT Customer Master Record Texts for Sales

KNVV Customer Master Sales Data

Vendor Master:

LFA1 Vendor Master (General Section)

LFAS Vendor master (VAT registration numbers general section)

LFAT Vendor master record (tax groupings)

LFB1 Vendor Master (Company Code)

LFB5 Vendor master (dunning data)

LFBK Vendor Master (Bank Details)

LFBW Vendor master record (withholding tax types) X

LFC1 Vendor master (transaction figures)

LFC3 Vendor master (special G/L transaction figures)

LFEI Vendor Master: Preference for Import and Export

LFLR Vendor Master Record: Supply Regions

LFM1 Vendor master record purchasing organization data)

LFM2 Vendor Master Record: Purchasing Data

LFMC Vendor master (short texts for condition types)