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Tables used for Access Control Context Management

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Hi Experts,

Can any one please let me know which tables are used in Access Control Context Management. Generally any activity related to Context control is carried out in NWBC, so I am not able to figure out the tables used for the same.

Thanks and Regards,

Sail Joshi

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Answers (2)

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Hello Salil ,

Go to package /PLMB/BA_AUTH and here you can see all the classes and the tables .

imp table are /PLMB/AUTH_BOACT.




and also .

Info type HRP7600.

Info type HRP7601

Thanks ,


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Hi Sail,

at least I know some of the tables. So I would call me more a semi-expert.

TableTable DesceriptionUsage
HRP7600DB Table for Infotype 7600Object IDs of a context
HRP7601DB Table for Infotype 7601Relation between context and ECC context role
HRP1000Infotype 1000 DB TableDescription of a context
HRP1001Infotype 1001 DB TableAssignment of user to context role to context
/PLMB/AUTH_SIDRPSecure Identifier RepositoryRelation between ACM object ID and Secure ID
/PLMB/AUTH_OBSIDObject - Secure Identifier AssignmentRelation between ACM controlled SAP object (e.g. DIR) and ACM context via Secure ID

If you need to know further tables activate tracing with transaction ST01 and log SQL access. Then execute in NWBC ACM related functions to get the tables in the trace.

Kind regards

Florian Wiedemann