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tables related to test certificate

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hi friends,

i am an ABAP consultant now i am developing a smartform for test certificate.

i require data base table where i can get tests that which should be conducted on the material.

for example

tests standard value top sample bottom sample

1.composition of


2.appearence colour less liquid

3.specific gravity .890

4. TBC content redish colouration

5.polymer no turbidity

6.%age purity 99.6% min

like this i have to get the tests of the material and the standard values and the values after test conducted.

i want tables and relations for the above.


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Answers (1)

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Dear Venkat

Please find the same

1) QALS - Here you will get the connection between Inspection lot, type, sale order, delivery details

Pass the inspection lot number to these tables to get the actual results and specification

2) QAMR : Characteristic results during inspection processing

3) QAMV Characteristic specifications for inspection processing

Regarding the profile you will get the details in

QCVK Certificate profile header

QCVM Certificate profile characteristic level

QCVMT Certificate profile characteristic level: texts



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