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Find the config below

1.Activate the New General Ledger Accounting by a single click on the clock icon

2.You will reach to change view "activation of New GL A/cg" detail screen and tick the checkbox and save.

3. After activation of New General Ledger Accounting, you exit the IMG screen When you re-enter , you find that a new node is added Financial Accounting (New)

4.After activation of New General Ledger Accounting , a new sub node appears in the IMG structure.

This sub node is Define Segment

The menu path is:

SAP Customizing IMG ---> Enterprise Structure -

> Definition ---> Financial Accounting ---> Define Segment

In this IMG activity, you define your segments.

If you then define your profit centers, you can enter an associated segment in the master record of a profit center. The segment is then derived from the assigned profit center during posting.

5.Activation has created a new field in Profit Center Master Record : the SEGMENT

6.Leading and Non- Leading Ledgers

In General Ledger Accounting , you can use several Ledgers in parallel. This allows you to produce financial statements according to different accounting principles. A ledger uses several dimensions from the totals table it is based upon. When defining Ledgers , one must be defined as the Leading Ledger . The Leading Ledger is based on the same accounting principles as that of the consolidated financial statements. It is integrated with all subsidiary ledgers and is updated in all company codes. This means that it is automatically assigned to all company codes. In each company code, the Leading Ledger receives exactly the same settings that apply to that company code : the currencies, the fiscal year variant and posting period variant .

You must designate one of your ledgers as the Leading Ledger. It is not possible to designate more than one ledger as the leading ledger.

The menu path is :

SAP Customizing IMG -

> Financial Accounting ( New ) -

> Financial Accounting Basic Settings (New) -

> Ledgers -

> Ledger -

> Define Ledgers for General Ledger Accounting

Clicking on the checkbox identifies one of your ledgers as the Leading Ledger.

7. Activation of Non Leading Ledgers

Non Leading Ledgers are parallel ledgers to the Leading Ledger . They can be based on local accounting principle, for example. You have to activate a non- Leading Ledger for individual company codes. Non- Leading Ledgers can have different fiscal year variants and posting period variants per company code to the Leading Ledger of this company code.

The menu path is :

SAP Customizing IMG -

> Financial Accounting ( New ) -

> Financial Accounting Basic Settings (New) -

> Ledgers -

> Ledger -

> Define and Activate Non –Leading Ledgers

8.Assign scenarios to ledgers

A Scenario combines Customizing settings from different business views. Each business view specifies which posting data is transferred from different application components in General Ledger Accounting, such as cost Center update or Profit Center update .You assign the desired scenarios to your ledgers. For each ledger, you define which fields are filled with posting data from other application components.

SAP delivers a number of scenarios in the standard system. It is not possible to create additional scenarios.

The menu path is:

SAP Customizing IMG -

> Financial Accounting ( New ) -

> Financial Accounting Basic Settings (New) -

> Ledgers -

>Fields -

> Display Scenarios for General Ledger Accounting.

9. Cost of sales accounting

Cost of sales accounting is a way to create a profit and loss statement (P&L) for a company by comparing the revenues to the costs or expenses incurred to obtain these revenues.

The expenses are mainly divided by functional area such as:




Research and Development

We can activate Cost of Sales Accounting by the following menu path :

SAP Customizing IMG -

> Financial Accounting ( New ) -

> Financial Accounting Basic Settings (New) -

> Ledgers -

>Ledger------> Activate Cost of Sales Accounting

Accounting transactions list


F-01 Enter Sample Document

F-02 Enter G/L Account Posting

F-03 Clear G/L Account

F-04 Post with Clearing

F-05 Post Foreign Currency Valuation

F-06 Post Incoming Payments

F-07 Post Outgoing Payments

F-18 Payment with Printout

F-19 Reverse Statistical Posting

F-20 Reverse Bill Liability

F-21 Enter Transfer Posting

F-22 Enter Customer Invoice

F-23 Return Bill of Exchange Pmt Request

F-25 Reverse Check/Bill of Exch.

F-26 Incoming Payments Fast Entry

F-27 Enter Customer Credit Memo

F-28 Post Incoming Payments

F-29 Post Customer Down Payment

F-30 Post with Clearing

F-31 Post Outgoing Payments

F-32 Clear Customer

F-33 Post Bill of Exchange Usage

F-34 Post Collection

F-35 Post Forfaiting

F-36 Bill of Exchange Payment

F-37 Customer Down Payment Request

F-38 Enter Statistical Posting

F-39 Clear Customer Down Payment

F-40 Bill of Exchange Payment

F-41 Enter Vendor Credit Memo

F-42 Enter Transfer Posting

F-43 Enter Vendor Invoice

F-44 Clear Vendor

F-46 Reverse Refinancing Acceptance

F-47 Down Payment Request

F-48 Post Vendor Down Payment

F-49 Customer Noted Item

F-51 Post with Clearing

F-52 Post Incoming Payments

F-53 Post Outgoing Payments

F-54 Clear Vendor Down Payment

F-55 Enter Statistical Posting

F-56 Reverse Statistical Posting

F-57 Vendor Noted Item

F-58 Payment with Printout

F-59 Payment Request

F-60 Maintain Table: Posting Periods

F-62 Maintain Table: Exchange Rates

F-63 Park Vendor Invoice

F-64 Park Customer Invoice

F-65 Preliminary Posting

F-66 Park Vendor Credit Memo

F-67 Park Customer Credit Memo

F-90 Acquisition from purchase w. vendor

F-91 Asset acquis. to clearing account

F-92 Asset Retire. frm Sale w/ Customer

F.01 ABAP/4 Report: Balance Sheet

F.02 Compact Journal

F.03 Reconciliation

F.04 G/L: Create Foreign Trade Report

F.05 Foreign Currency Val.: Open Items

F.06 Foreign Currency Valuation:G/L Assts

F.07 G/L: Balance Carried Forward

F.08 G/L: Account Balances

F.09 G/L: Account List

F.0A G/L: FTR Report on Disk

F.0B G/L: Create Z2 to Z4

F.10 G/L: Chart of Accounts

F.11 G/L: General Ledger from Doc.File

F.12 Advance Tax Return

F.13 ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing

F.14 ABAP/4 Report: Recurring Entries

F.15 ABAP/4 Report: List Recurr.Entries

F.16 ABAP/4 Report: G/L Bal.Carried Fwd

F.17 ABAP/4 Report: Cust.Bal.Confirmation

F.18 ABAP/4 Report: Vend.Bal.Confirmation

F.19 G/L: Goods/Invoice Received Clearing

F.1A Customer/Vendor Statistics

F.1B Head Office and Branch Index

F.20 A/R: Account List

F.21 A/R: Open Items

F.22 A/R: Open Item Sorted List

F.23 A/R: Account Balances

F.24 A/R: Interest for Days Overdue

F.25 Bill of Exchange List

F.26 A/R: Balance Interest Calculation

F.27 A/R: Periodic Account Statements

F.28 Customers: Reset Credit Limit

F.29 A/R: Set Up Info System 1

F.2A arr.: Post (w/o OI)

F.2B arr.: Post(with OI)

F.2C arr.: w/o postings

F.2D Customrs: FI-SD comparison

F.2E Reconciliation Btwn Affiliated Comps

F.2F Management Acct Group Reconciliation

F.2G Create Account Group Reconcil. G/L

F.30 A/R: Evaluate Info System

F.31 Credit Management - Overview

F.32 Credit Management - Missing Data

F.33 Credit Management - Brief Overview

F.34 Credit Management - Mass Change

F.35 Credit Master Sheet

F.36 Adv.Ret.on Sls/Pur.Form Printout(DE)

F.37 Adv.rept.tx sls/purch.form print (BE

F.38 Transfer Posting of Deferred Tax

F.39 C FI Maint. table T042Z (BillExcTyp)

F.40 A/P: Account List

F.41 A/P: Open Items

F.42 A/P: Account Balances

F.44 A/P: Balance Interest Calculation

F.45 A/P: Set Up Info System 1

F.46 A/P: Evaluate Info System

F.47 Vendors: calc.of interest on arrears

F.48 Vendors: FI-MM comparison

F.4A arr.: Post (w/o OI)

F.4B arr.: Post(with OI)

F.4C arr.: w/o postings

F.50 G/L: Profitability Segment Adjustmnt

F.51 G/L: Open Items

F.52 G/L: Acct Bal.Interest Calculation

F.53 G/L: Account Assignment Manual

F.54 G/L: Structured Account Balances

F.56 Delete Recurring Document

F.57 G/L: Delete Sample Documents

F.58 OI Bal.Audit Trail: fr.Document File

F.59 Accum.Clas.Aud.Trail: Create Extract

F.5A Accum.Clas.Aud.Trail: Eval.Extract

F.5B Accum.OI Aud.Trail: Create Extract

F.5C Accum.OI Audit Trail: Display Extr.

F.5D G/L: Update Bal. Sheet Adjustment

F.5E G/L: Post Balance Sheet Adjustment

F.5F G/L: Balance Sheet Adjustment Log

F.5G G/L: Subseq.Adjustment(BA/PC) Sp.ErA

F.5I G/L: Adv.Rep.f.Tx on Sls/Purch.w.Jur

F.61 Correspondence: Print Requests

F.62 Correspondence: Print Int.Documents

F.63 Correspondence: Delete Requests

F.64 Correspondence: Maintain Requests

F.65 Correspondence: Print Letters (Cust)

F.66 Correspondence: Print Letters (Vend)

F.70 Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request Dunning

F.71 DME with Disk: B/Excha. Presentation

F.75 Extended Bill/Exchange Information

F.77 C FI Maintain Table T045D

F.78 C FI Maintain Table T045B

F.79 C FI Maintain Table T045G

F.80 Mass Reversal of Documents

F.81 Reverse Posting for Accr./Defer.Docs

F.90 C FI Maintain Table T045F

F.91 C FI Maintain Table T045L

F.92 C FI Maintain T012K (Bill/Exch.)

F.93 Maintain Bill Liability and Rem.Risk

F.97 General Ledger: Report Selection

F.98 Vendors: Report Selection

F.99 Customers: Report Selection

FB00 Accounting Editing Options

FB01 Post Document

FB02 Change Document

FB03 Display Document

FB03Z Display Document/Payment Usage

FB04 Document Changes

FB05 Post with Clearing

FB05_OLD Post with clearing

FB07 Control Totals

FB08 Reverse Document

FB09 Change Line Items

FB10 Invoice/Credit Fast Entry

FB11 Post Held Document

FB12 Request from Correspondence

FB13 Release for Payments

FB1D Clear Customer

FB1K Clear Vendor

FB1S Clear G/L Account

FB21 Enter Statistical Posting

FB22 Reverse Statistical Posting

FB31 Enter Noted Item

FB41 Post Tax Payable

FB50 G/L Acct Pstg: Single Screen Trans.

FB60 Enter Incoming Invoices

FB65 Enter Incoming Credit Memos

FB70 Enter Outgoing Invoices

FB75 Enter Outgoing Credit Memos

FB99 Check if Documents can be Archived

FBA1 Customer Down Payment Request

FBA2 Post Customer Down Payment

FBA3 Clear Customer Down Payment

FBA6 Vendor Down Payment Request

FBA7 Post Vendor Down Payment

FBA7_OLD Post Vendor Down Payment

FBA8 Clear Vendor Down Payment

FBA8_OLD Clear Vendor Down Payment

FBB1 Post Foreign Currency Valn

FBBA Display Acct Determination Config.

FBBP Maintain Acct Determination Config.

FBCJ Cash Journal


FBCJC1 Cash Journal Document Number Range


FBCJC3 C FI Maintain Tables TCJ_PRINT

FBCOPY Copy Function Module

FBD1 Enter Recurring Entry

FBD2 Change Recurring Entry

FBD3 Display Recurring Entry

FBD4 Display Recurring Entry Changes

FBD5 Realize Recurring Entry

FBD9 Enter Recurring Entry

FBDF Menu Banque de France

FBE1 Create Payment Advice

FBE2 Change Payment Advice

FBE3 Display Payment Advice

FBE6 Delete Payment Advice

FBE7 Add to Payment Advice Account

FBF1 C80 Reporting Minus Sp.G/L Ind.

FBF2 Financial Transactions

FBF3 Control Report

FBF4 Download Documents

FBF5 Reports Minus Vendor Accounts

FBF6 Document Changes

FBF7 C80 Reports Minus Sp.G/L Ind.

FBF8 C84 Reports

FBFT Customizing BDF

FBIPU Maintain bank chains for partner

FBKA Display Accounting Configuration

FBKF FBKP/Carry Out Function (Internal)

FBKP Maintain Accounting Configuration

FBL1 Display Vendor Line Items

FBL1N Vendor Line Items

FBL2 Change Vendor Line Items

FBL2N Vendor Line Items

FBL3 Display G/L Account Line Items

FBL3N G/L Account Line Items

FBL4 Change G/L Account Line Items

FBL4N G/L Account Line Items

FBL5 Display Customer Line Items

FBL5N Customer Line Items

FBL6 Change Customer Line Items

FBL6N Customer Line Items

FBM1 Enter Sample Document

FBM2 Change Sample Document

FBM3 Display Sample Document

FBM4 Display Sample Document Changes

FBMA Display Dunning Procedure

FBME Banks

FBMP Maintain Dunning Procedure

FBN1 Accounting Document Number Ranges

FBN2 Number Range Maintenance: FI_PYORD

FBP1 Enter Payment Request

FBR1 Post with Reference Document

FBR2 Post Document

FBRA Reset Cleared Items

FBRC Reset Cleared Items (Payment Cards)

FBS1 Enter Accrual/Deferral Doc.

FBTA Display Text Determin.Configuration

FBTP Maintain Text Determin.Configuration

FBU2 Change Intercompany Document

FBU3 Display Intercompany Document

FBU8 Reverse Cross-Company Code Document

FBV0 Post Parked Document

FBV1 Park Document

FBV2 Change Parked Document

FBV3 Display Parked Document

FBV4 Change Parked Document (Header)

FBV5 Document Changes of Parked Documents

FBV6 Parked Document $

FBVB Post Parked Document

FBW1 Enter Bill of Exchange Pmnt Request

FBW2 Post Bill of Pmt Request

FBW3 Post Bill of Exchange Usage

FBW4 Reverse Bill Liability

FBW5 Customer Check/Bill of Exchange

FBW6 Vendor Check/Bill of Exchange

FBW7 Bank file to file system (for FBWD)

FBW8 File to Bank (for Transaction FBWD)

FBW9 C FI Maintain Table T045DTA

FBWA C FI Maintain Table T046a

FBWD Returned Bills of Exchange Payable

FBWD2 Parameter Transaction for FBWD

FBWE Bill/Exch.Presentatn - International

FBWQ C FI Maintain Table T045T

FBWR C FI Maintain Table T045W

FBWS C FI Maintain Table T046s

FBZ0 Display/Edit Payment Proposal

FBZ1 Post Incoming Payments

FBZ2 Post Outgoing Payments

FBZ3 Incoming Payments Fast Entry

FBZ4 Payment with Printout

FBZ5 Print Check For Payment Document

FBZ8 Display Payment Run

FBZA Display Pmnt Program Configuration

FBZG Failed Customer Payments

FBZP Maintain Pmnt Program Configuration

FK01 Create Vendor (Accounting)

FK02 Change Vendor (Accounting)

FK02CORE Maintain vendor

FK03 Display Vendor (Accounting)

FK04 Vendor Changes (Accounting)

FK05 Block Vendor (Accounting)

FK06 Mark Vendor for Deletion (Acctng)

FK08 Confirm Vendor Individually (Acctng)

FK09 Confirm Vendor List (Accounting)

FK10 Vendor Account Balance

FK10N Vendor Balance Display

FK10NA Vendor Balance Display

FK15 Transfer vendor changes: receive

FK16 Transfer vendor changes: receive

FKI0 Execute Report

FKI1 Create Report

FKI2 Change Report

FKI3 Display Report

FKI4 Create Form

FKI5 Change Form

FKI6 Display Form

FKIB Background Processing

FKIC Maintain Currency Translation Type

FKIK Maintain Key Figures

FKIM Report Monitor

FKIO Transport Reports

FKIP Transport Forms

FKIQ Import Reports from Client 000

FKIR Import Forms from Client 000

FKIT Translation Tool - Drilldown Report.

FKIV Maintain Global Variable

FKIX Reorganize Drilldown Reports

FKIY Reorganize Report Data

FKIZ Reorganize Forms

FKMT FI Acct Assignment Model Management

FS00 G/L acct master record maintenance

FS01 Create Master Record

FS02 Change Master Record

FS02CORE Maintain G/L account

FS03 Display Master Record

FS04 G/L Account Changes (Centrally)

FS05 Block Master Record

FS06 Mark Master Record for Deletion

FS10 G/L Account Balance

FS10N Balance Display

FS10NA Balance Display

FS15 Copy G/L account changes: Send

FS16 Copy G/L account changes: Receive

FSAA Display Address for Bal.Confirmatns

FSAP Addresses for Balance Confirmations

FSAV Balance Confirmations: Reply View

FSE2 Change Financial Statement Version

FSE3 Display Financial Statement Version

FSE4 Planning Preparation

FSE5 Maintain Planning

FSE5N Maintain Planning

FSE6 Display Planning

FSE6N Display Planning

FSE7 Maint.Fin.Statemnt Forgn Lang.Texts

FSE8 Display Forgn Lang Fin.Statmnt Texts

FSE9 Automatic Financial Statement Form

FSF1 Financial Calendar

FSI0 Execute report

FSI1 Create Report

FSI2 Change Report

FSI3 Display Report

FSI4 Create Form

FSI5 Change Form

FSI6 Display Form

FSIB Background processing

FSIC Maintain Currency Translation Type

FSIG Balance Sheet Reports Criteria Group

FSIK Maintain Key Figures

FSIM Report Monitor

FSIO Transport reports

FSIP Transport forms

FSIQ Import reports from client 000

FSIR Import forms from client 000

FSIT Translation Tool - Drilldown Report.

FSIV Maintain Global Variable

FSIX Reorganize Drilldown Reports

FSIY Reorganize report data

FSIZ Reorganize forms

FSK2 Maintain Sample Rules

FSK2_OLD Maintain Sample Rules

FSKB G/L Account Posting

FSM1 Create Sample Account

FSM2 Change Sample Account

FSM3 Display Sample Account

FSM4 Sample Account Changes

FSM5 Delete Sample Account

FSO2 Change Finan.Statement Vers. (old)

FSO3 Display Finan.Statement Vers. (Old)

FSP0 G/L acct master record in chrt/accts

FSP1 Create Master Record in Chart/Accts

FSP2 Change Master Record in Chart/Accts

FSP3 Display Master Record in Chart/Accts

FSP4 G/L Account Changes in Chart/Accts

FSP5 Block Master Record in Chart/Accts

FSP6 Mark Mast.Rec.for Chart/Accts

FSRD Loans Regulatory Reporting CH

FSRG Money Mkt Regulatory Reporting CH

FSRW Securities Regulatory Reporting CH

FSS0 G/L account master record in co code

FSS1 Create Master Record in Company Code

FSS2 Change Master Record in Company Code

FSS3 Display Master Record in Comp.Code

FSS4 G/L Account Changes in Company Code

FSSA Display Bal.Confirmatns Sel.Criteria

FSSP Change Bal.Confirmatns Sel.Criteria

FST0 G/L account record translation

FST2 Maintain Account Name

FST3 Display Account Name

OB00 C FI Maintain Table T030 (RDF)

OB01 C FI Maintain Table T691A

OB02 C FI Maintain Table T024B

OB03 C FI Maintain Table T003

OB04 C FI Maintain Table T030F

OB05 C FI Maintain Table T001S

OB06 C FI Maintain Table T031S

OB07 C FI Maintain table TCURV

OB08 C FI Maintain table TCURR

OB09 C FI Maintain Table T030H

OB10 C FI Maintain Table T049L

OB11 C FI Maintain Table T018P

OB12 C FI Maintain Table T691B

OB13 C FI Maintain Table T004

OB14 Configure Field Status Definition

OB15 C FI Maintain Table T004R

OB16 C FI Maintain Table TZUN/TZUNT

OB17 C FI Maintain Table T040

OB18 C FI Maintain Table T040S

OB19 C FI Maintain Table T059M

OB1A C FI Maint. Table T004 (Layouts)

OB1B C FI Maint. Table T004 (Layouts)

OB20 C FI Maintain Table T078D

OB21 C FI Maintain Table T079D

OB22 C FI Maintain Table T001A

OB23 C FI Maintain Table T078K

OB24 C FI Maintain Table T079K

OB25 C FI Maintain Table T001X

OB26 C FI Maintain Table T078S

OB27 C FI Maintain Table T008

OB28 C FI Maintain Table T001D

OB29 C FI Fiscal Year Variants

OB30 Accts Rec: Allocate flds -> fld gps

OB31 C FI Maintain Table T055G

OB32 C FI Maintain Table TBAER

OB33 C FI Maintain Table T055

OB34 C FI Maintain Table T055G

OB35 Customer Balance Confirmation

OB36 Vendor Balance Confirmation

OB37 C FI Maintain Table T001 (PERIV)

OB38 Assign Co.Code -> Cred.Cntl Area

OB39 C FI Maintain Table TRAS

OB40 C FI Maintain Table T030

OB41 Maintain Accounting Keys

OB42 C FI Maintain Table T056Z

OB43 C FI Maintain Table T015L

OB44 C FI Maintain Table T016

OB45 C FI Maintain Table T014

OB46 C FI Maintain Table T056

OB47 C FI Maintain Table T015W

OB48 C FI Maintain Matchcode SAKO

OB49 C FI Maintain Matchcode DEBI

OB50 C FI Maintain Matchcode KRED

OB51 C FI Maintain Table T024P

OB52 C FI Maintain Table T001B

OB53 C FI Maintain Table T030

OB54 C FI Maintain Table T001 (PERIV)

OB55 C FI Maintain Table TFAV

OB56 C FI Maintain Table T053

OB57 C FI Maintain Table T043

OB58 C FI Maintain Table T011/T011T

OB59 C FI Maintain Table T044A

OB60 C FI Maintain Table T041B

OB61 C FI Maintain Table T047M

OB62 C FI Maintain Table T001 (KTOPL + 2)

OB63 C FI Maintain Table T001 (XGJRV)

OB64 C FI Maintain Table T001 (WAABV)

OB65 C FI Maintain Table T001 (XGSBE)

OB66 C FI Maintain Table T001 (XKDFT)

OB67 C FI Maintain Table T001 (MREGL)

OB68 C FI Maintain Table T001

OB69 C FI Maintain Table T001

OB70 C FI Maintain Table T001

OB71 C FI Maintain Table T001

OB72 C FI Maintain Table T001O

OB73 C FI Maintain Table T031

OB74 C FI Maintain Table TF123

OB75 C FI Maintain Table T042D

OB76 C FI Maintain Table T045E

OB77 C FI Maintain Table T048/T048T

OB78 C FI Maintain Table T048B

OB79 C FI Maintain Table T048I

OB80 C FI Maintain Table T043K

OB81 C FI Maintain Table T056A

OB82 C FI Maintain Table T056U

OB83 C FI Maintain Table T056P

OB84 C FI Maintain Table T056D

OB85 C FI Maintain Table T056B

OB86 C FI Maintain Table T005 (WECHF)

OB87 C FI Maintain Table T001N

OB88 C FI Maintain Table T001

OB89 C FI Maintain Table T030

OB90 C FI Maintain Table T001R

OB91 C FI Maintain Table T001F

OB92 C FI Maintain Table T001G

OB93 C FI Maintain Table TGSBG

OB94 C FI Maintain Table T042M

OB95 C FI Maintain Table T042N

OB96 C FI Maintain Table T001F

OB97 C FI Maintain Table T059A

OB98 C FI Maintain Table T059F

OB99 C FI Maintain Table T005Q

OBA0 G/L Account Tolerance Groups

OBA1 C FI Maintain Table T030

OBA2 C FI Maintain Table T001M

OBA3 C FI Maintain Table T043G

OBA4 C FI Maintain Table T043T

OBA5 Change Message Control

OBA6 C FI Maintain Table T046

OBA7 C FI maintain table T003

OBA8 C FI Maintain Table TRERI

OBA9 C FI Maintain Table T015Z

OBAA C FI Maintain Table T056S

OBAB C FI Maintain Table T056Y

OBAC C FI Maintain Table T056R

OBAD C FI Maintain Table T005P

OBAE C FI Maintain Table T005S

OBAF C FI Maintain Table T048K

OBAG C FI Maintain Table T060O

OBAH C FI Maintain Table T060A

OBAI C FI Maintain Table T060

OBAJ C FI Maintain Table T060

OBAK C FI Maintain Table T060

OBAL C FI Maintain Table T052A

OBAM C FI Maintain Table T052R

OBAN C FI Maintain Table T060O

OBAO C FI Maintain Table T060O

OBAP C FI Maintain Table TZGR

OBAQ C FI Maintain Table T047R

OBAR C FI Maintain Table T077D

OBAS C FI Maintain Table T077K

OBAT C FI Maintain Table T055G

OBAU C FI Maintain Table T055

OBAV C FI Maintain Table T049E

OBAW C FI Maintain Table T049F

OBAX C FI Maintain Table T049A

OBAY C FI Maintain Table T049B

OBAZ C FI Maintain Table FEDICUS

OBB0 C FI Maintain table T030 valuatn adj

OBB1 C FI Maintain Table T001G

OBB2 C FI Maintain Table TFMC

OBB3 C FI Maintain Table TFMC

OBB4 C FI Maintain Table TFMC

OBB5 C FI Maintain Table T001

OBB6 C FI Maintain Table TGSB

OBB7 C FI Maintain Table TGSB

OBB8 C FI Maintain Table T052

OBB9 C FI Maintain Table T052S

OBBA C FI Maintain Table T012C

OBBB C FI Maintain Table T012A

OBBC C FI Maintain Table T052 (Block Key)

OBBD C FI Maintain Table T045T

OBBE C FI Maintain Table T053R and T053S

OBBF C FI Maintain Table TCURD

OBBG C FI Maintain Table T005 (KALSM)

OBBH C FI Maintain Table T001Q (Document)

OBBI Maintain G/L Account Field Groups

OBBJ Maintain Sample Account Field Groups

OBBK C FI Maintain Table T055G (Banks)

OBBL C FI Maintain Table T055 (Banks)

OBBM C FI Maintain Table T055G (Docs)

OBBN C FI Maintain Table T055 (Docs)

OBBO C FI Maintain Table T010O

OBBP C FI Maintain Table T001 (OPVAR)

OBBQ C FI Maintain Table T044D

OBBR C FI Table T042R Maintenance

OBBS C FI Maintain Table TCURF

OBBT C FI Table T030 Maintenance GLU+GLU

OBBU C FI Maintain Table T044K List

OBBUSPRO Business Processes

OBBV C FI Maintain Table T030 BI2+SPACE

OBBW C FI Maintain Table T030 BI3+A00

OBBX C FI Maintain Table T030 BI4+SPACE

OBBY C FI Maintain Tables T028V + T028W

OBBZ C FI Subst. FI/0005: Activate

OBC1 C FI Maintain Table T054

OBC2 C FI Maintain Table T054A

OBC3 C FI Maintain Table TLSEP

OBC4 C FI Maintain Table T004V

OBC5 C FI Maintain Table T001

OBC6 C FI Maintain Table T001

OBC7 C FI Maintain Table T059Q

OBC8 C FI Table T001 Maintenance (TXKRS)

OBC9 External Group Number for Taxation

OBCA C FI Maintain Table T076B

OBCB C FI Maintain Table T076I

OBCC C FI Maintain Table T076K

OBCD C FI Maintain Table T076M

OBCE C FI Maintain Table T076S

OBCF C FI Maintain Table T007F

OBCG C FI Maintain Table T007K

OBCH C FI Maintain Table T007L

OBCI C FI Maintain Table T007I

OBCJ C FI Maintain Table T007J

OBCK FI Table Maintenance T001 (XSTDT)

OBCL FI Table Maint. T001 (MWSKV+MWSKA)

OBCM C FI Maintain Table T007F

OBCN C FI Maintain Table T007B

OBCO C FI Maintain Table TTXD

OBCP C FI Maintain Table TTXJ

OBCQ C FI Table T053G Maintenance

OBCR C FI Table T053V + T053W Maintenance

OBCS C FI Table T053E Maintenance

OBCT C FI Table T053A + T053B Maintenance

OBCU C FI Table T053C Maintenance


OBCW C FI table T053D maintenance


OBCY C FI Table TTYPV Maintenance

OBCZ C FI Maintain Table T021E

OBD1 Document parking posting date

OBD2 C FI Maintain Table T077D

OBD3 C FI Maintain Table T077K

OBD4 C FI Maintain Table T077S

OBD5 C FI Maintain Table T003B

OBD6 C FI Maintain Table TCURS

OBDA C FI Table T059E + T059G Maintenance

OBDB C FI Table T053R Maintenance

OBDC C FI Maintain View Cluster V_T060K

OBDD C FI Table T060K Maintenance

OBDE C FI Table T060M Maintenance

OBDF C FI Maint.view cluster V_T060o

OBDG C FI Maintain Table T076A

OBDH C FI Maintain Table T076E

OBDU Job Names for Data Transfers

OBE7 C FI Batch Input Customers

OBE8 C FI Generate Btch Input Rcrd Layout

OBEA Maintain Convertible Reports

OBEB Main.Table for Old Local Curr.(EURO)

OBEBGEN Electronic Banking: General

OBEBLADR Assign Banks to OFX partners

OBETX Number Assignment for Ext. Tax Docum

OBF1 C FI Maintain Table TFI01/TFI01T

OBF2 C FI Maintain Table TFI02

OBF3 Bank selection, current setting

OBF4 C FI maintain table T003

OBF5 C FI Maint. Table T042OFI/T042OFIT

OBF8 C FI Batch Input Vendors

OBFA C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/Corresp.

OBFB C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/Documents

OBFC C FI Corresp.Sort Variants/Lne Items

OBG1 C FI Maintain tbl T030 offsttng acct

OBG4 C FI Batch Input Documents

OBG5 C FI Batch Input G/L Accounts

OBG8 C FI Copy G/L Accounts Acc.To Ref.Ac

OBG9 C FI Maintain Table TSAKR

OBGA C FI G/L Account With Ref.: Display

OBH1 C FI Doc.No.Range: Copy Company Code

OBH2 C FI Doc.No.Range: Copy Fiscal year

OBIA C FI Maintain View Cluster VC_TFAG

OBIB Parameter Transaction for V_TFAGM

OBJ1 C FI Year End Financial Statement

OBJ2 C FI Year End Compact Doc.Journal

OBJ3 C FI Year End Bill of Exchange List

OBJ4 C FI Year End G/L Account Balances

OBJ5 C FI Year End G/L Account List

OBJ6 Posting Totals

OBJ7 Bill of Exchange Charges Statement

OBK1 C FI Year End OI Customer List

OBK2 C FI Year End Customer Acct Balances

OBK3 C FI Year End Customer List

OBK4 C FI Year End OI Vendor List

OBK5 C FI Year End Vendor Acct Balances

OBK6 C FI Year End Vendor List

OBK7 Subledger Accts Bal.Carried Forward

OBK8 G/L Accounts Balance Carried Forward

OBK9 Payment Notices Correspondence

OBKA Account Statement Correspondence

OBKB Internal Documents Correspondence

OBKC Individual Letters Correspondence

OBKD Document Statements Correspondence

OBKE Customer Stmnt Corresp.Account Stmnt

OBKF Failed Payment Correspondence

OBKG Correspondence Sel.Criteria Letters

OBKR Maintain Number Range: FI_RECEIPT

OBKS C FI Table T058A Maintenance

OBKT C FI Table T058B Maintenance

OBKU C FI Table T011A + T011B Maintenance

OBKV C FI Table T011E + T011F Maintenance

OBKW C FI Table T011V Maintenance

OBL1 Consistency Check: Auto.Pstg (Docu.)

OBL2 Consistency Check: Auto.Pstg (ErAny)

OBL3 Consistency Check: Sp.G/L (Docu.)

OBL4 Consistency Check: Sp.G/L (Err.Anly)

OBL5 Consistency Check: Pmnt Prog.Config.

OBL6 Consistency Check: Dunn.Prog.Config.

OBM1 C FI Month End Advance Tax Return

OBM2 C FI Month End Financial Statement

OBM3 C FI Month End Foreign Trade Regns

OBM4 C FI Month End Compact Doc.Journal

OBM5 C FI G/L Balances Monthly Report

OBM6 Posting Data Reconciliation

OBMD C FI Selec.Variants Dunning/Dun.line

OBMK C FI Selec.Variants Dunning/Dunn.hdr

OBN1 C FI Month End OI Customer List

OBN2 C FI Month End Financial Statement

OBN3 C FI Month End OI Vendor List

OBN4 C FI Month End Vendor Acct Balances

OBNB Transaction Code for SAPMFKM2

OBO1 C FI FAKP Line Item Line Layout

OBO2 C FI FAKP Credit Mangmnt Line Layout

OBOB C FI FAKP Line Item Line Layout

OBOFXBUS OFX: Business Customizing

OBOFXTECH OFX: Technical Customizing

OBP1 C FI create distribution key

OBP2 C FI Change Distribution Keys

OBP3 C FI display distribution key

OBP4 C FI delete distribution key

OBP5 Delete FI planning data

OBP6 G/L: Versions

OBPL Subsequently post CO to GL

OBQ1 C FI Condition Compnt: Condit.Types

OBQ2 C FI Condit.Component: Access Seque.

OBQ3 C FI Condition Component: Calc.Proc.

OBR1 Delete Documents

OBR2 Delete Subledger Accounts

OBR3 C FI Maintain Table T001

OBR4 Delete Banks

OBR7 Maintain account type life

OBR8 Maintain document type life

OBRD Customers: maintain report selection

OBRK Vendors: maintain report selection

OBRS G/L: maintain report selection

OBRX Flexible G/L: Maintain Report Selec.

OBS1 C FI Create Ledger

OBS2 C FI Change Ledger

OBS3 C FI Display Ledger

OBS4 C FI Delete Ledger

OBT1 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNA1)

OBT2 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNB1)

OBT3 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (KNKK)

OBT4 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (LFA1)

OBT5 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (LFB1)

OBT6 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (SKA1)

OBT7 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (SKB1)

OBT8 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (BELEG)

OBT9 C FI Maintain Table TTXID (MR01)

OBU1 Document Type/Posting Key Options

OBUV TxApportnmnt for Cross-Co.Cde Trans.

OBV1 C FI Int.For Dys Overdue Acct Deter.

OBV2 C FI G/L Acct Bal.Int.Calc.Acct Det.

OBV3 C FI Cust.Bal.Int.Calc.Acct Determ.

OBV4 C FI Vend.Bal.Int.Calc.Acct Determ.

OBV5 C FI Maintain Table T030Q

OBV6 C FI Maintain Table T030V

OBV7 C FI Maintain Table T001O

OBV9 C FI Act Det.Vendor Intrst on Arrs

OBVS C FI Display View

OBVT C FI Display Restricted View

OBVU C FI Maintain View

OBVV C FI Maintain Restricted View

OBVW C FI maintain view

OBVY C FI Maintain Table T030H

OBW1 C FI Maintain Table T001F

OBW2 C FI Maintain Table T001G

OBW3 Instructions in Payment Transactions

OBWA C FI Table VBWF01+VBWF02 Maintenance

OBWB C FI Table VBWF08 Maintenance

OBWC C FI Table VBWF03 Maintenance

OBWD C FI Table VBWF05 Maintenance

OBWE C FI Table VBWF06+VBWF07 Maintenance

OBWF C FI Table VBWF09+VBWF10 Maintenance

OBWG C FI Table VBWF04 Maintenance (Cust)

OBWH C FI Table VBWF04 Maintenance (Vend)

OBWI C FI Table VBWF04 Maintenance (G/L)

OBWJ C FI Table T001 Maintenance (WFVAR)

OBWK C FI Table VBWF04 (Assets)

OBWL C FI Maintain Tables VBWF11 + VBWF12

OBWM Organizational objects full release

OBWO C FI Withholding Tax

OBWP Payment release by authorized person

OBWQ Payment Release Document Types

OBWR C FI Maintain Table FEDIWF1

OBWS C FI Withholding Tax

OBWU C FI Withholding Tax

OBWW C FI Withholding Tax

OBWZ Number Range Maintenance: WITH_CTNO

OBX1 C FI Table T030B: G/L Acct Posting

OBXA C FI Table T030

OBXB C FI Table T030

OBXC C FI Table T030

OBXD C FI Maintain Table T030

OBXE C FI Table T030

OBXF C FI Sort Bank Directory

OBXG C FI Maintain Bank Direc.Automatic.

OBXH C FI Table T041A/T041T

OBXI C FI Table T030

OBXJ C FI Table T030B

OBXK C FI Table T030

OBXL C FI Table T030

OBXM C FI Table T030

OBXN C FI Table T030 GAU/GA0

OBXO C FI Table T030 KDW

OBXP C FI Maintain Table T030 zaf

OBXQ C FI Table T030 KDZ

OBXR C FI Table T074

OBXS C FI Table T030

OBXT C FI Table T074

OBXU C FI Table T030

OBXV C FI Table T030

OBXW C FI Table T030B Cleared Invoices

OBXY C FI Table T074

OBXZ C FI Table T030 G/L Accont Clearing

OBY0 C FI Copy CoCde with Ctry Chrt/Accts

OBY2 C FI Copy company code (G/L account)

OBY6 C FI Maintain Table T001

OBY7 C FI Copy Chart of Accounts

OBY8 C FI Delete Chart of Accounts

OBY9 C FI Transport Chart of Accounts

OBYA C FI Table T030

OBYB Maintain automatic postings accounts

OBYC C FI Table T030

OBYD C FI Table T030

OBYE C FI Table T030

OBYF Revenue Account Determination

OBYG C FI Table T030

OBYH C FI Table T030

OBYK C FI Table T045W

OBYL C FI Table T030 HRI + HRC

OBYM C FI Table T074 Bill of Exchange

OBYN C FI Table T074 Bill Receivable

OBYP C FI Table T074 Check/Bill of Exch.

OBYR C FI Table T074

OBYS C FI Table T074 Tangible Fixed Asset

OBYT C FI Table T030 HRI + HRD

OBYU C FI Table T030 HRI + HRD

OBYY C FI Table T030 Maintenance KDT/KDT

OBYZ C FI Condition Components






OBZ6 C FI FBZP Consistency Check

OBZ7 C FI Users

OBZ8 C FI Profiles

OBZ9 C FI Authorizations

OBZA Reporting Selection: Global Menu

OBZB Reporting Selection: Accts Receivble

OBZC Reporting Selection: Accts Payable

OBZD Reporting Selection: G/L Accounts

OBZE Reporting Selection: Documents

OBZF Reporting Selection: Documents

OBZG Reporting Selection: G/L Accounts

OBZH C FI Maintenance Table TCCFI

OBZI C FI Maintenance Table TCCAA

OBZJ C FI Maintenance Table T000CM

OBZK C FI Maintenance Table T001CM

OBZL C FI Maintain Table T001 (XCOS)

OBZM C FI Substitution FI/0005: Create

OBZN C FI Substitution FI/0005: Change

OBZO Doc.Types for Single Scrn Transactns

OBZT Single Screen Transaction Tax Code


OB_7 C FI Maint.Table T044G Val.Adj.Key

OB_8 C FI Maintain Table T044I Base Value

OB_9 C FI Maintain Table T044J: Display

OB_GLACC01 Create G/L accounts with reference

OB_GLACC02 Create G/L accounts with reference

OB_GLACC11 G/L acct record: Mass maintenance 01

OB_GLACC12 G/L acct record: Mass maintenance 02

OB_GLACC13 G/L acct record: Mass maintenance 03

OB_GLACC21 Configuration G/L account record

OB_T001_CESSION FI Customizing: Accts Rble Factoring

OB_V_CESSION FI Customizing: Accts Rble Fact.Ind.

Hi all

Can any tell me

If I post an transaction in F-02, what are all the tables will be affected by that transaction.

Thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Main tables are BKPF, BSEG, GLT0, BSIS


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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FSKB     G/L Account Posting

this transaction is not working