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Tables for foreign currency valuation T030H and T030HB

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Hi Experts!

While doing the maintaining of account for foreign currency I am a bit confused about the table T030H and T030HB.

For example if I have two control accounts need to be included in foreign currency valuation for open items say 141000 and 141100 if I maintain 141000 and 141100 in table T030H but only maintain account 141000 in table T030HB with valation area IA. What will happen if I run the valuation with valuation area IA?

I know for account 141000 will be posted per table T030HB but what will happen to account 141100 as the valuation accounts for gain, loss and bal adj were not maintained in T030HB?

Please advice.

Thank you


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You can maintain T030HB with OBA1, but when choosing your CoA, you need to click on the yellow arrow and pop window allows you to choose Valuation area. This way you maintaine T030HB. But this makes sense only if you use several Valuation area. E.g. 01 - Group, 02 - Local. Otherwise T030H would do.

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Very useful informaiton. Thanks