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Table V_512w_d

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Hi Experts,

Table V_512w_d is used for what reason ? A little brief ans is expected.

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Tcode : SM30 and table v_512w_d to see the processing classes, cumulation and evaluation classes of all the wage types (Primary and Secondary wage types ).Double click on any wage type to get to the details of Processing/Cumulation/Evaluation class of that particular WT.

Wage type characteristic that determines how processing is handled during the payroll processing.

Processing class:

Processing classes are one of the key methods of processing wage types in SAP Payroll. Processing classes are attributes of a wage type. When payroll process runs, various rules and schemas read and process wage types based on their processing class values. In addition to standard processing classes delivered by SAP, customers can create their own for custom payroll processing u2014 for example, a class for fringe benefits. Customers can use processing classes 90 through 99 for their own purposes and the others are delivered by SAP.

V_T52D1 to create the Processing class

T52D8 shows which processing classes apply to which country

Cumulation Class:

How to cumulate the wage types in the payroll, cumulation class starts with standard wage types last two digits.

This is used for storing certain wagetypes into a bucket. The bucket is the technical wage types e.g /1nn wagetypes . So, if a wagetype had cumulation class 01 set, this will add the value of this wagetype into /101 wagetype. This is actually how the total gross works as all wagetypes which are gross wagetypes are set with cumulation 01 which cumulates into /101 (Total gross).. Other uses for this are taxable gross, superannuation totals, totals for allowances, totals for deductions, etc..

Evaluation Classes

These are generally used for reporting. For each evaluation class, there will be a subset of values. The payslip and the Payment summary use evaluation classes. SAP provided default settings for evaluation class 11 (Such as Taxable Gross, Tax, etc).

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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This is the central table for Payroll , Processing classes , Cumulation classes and Evaluation classes are maintained here.


Kapil Kaushal

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Processing class, Cumulation class, Evaluation class.

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Hello Riya,

V_512W_D is a table for wage type valuation which defines rules for the processing and evaluation of wage types in payroll. This table is used for :

- Taxation and Form Assignment

- Valuation (For Earning Wage Types only) - Assigning wage type to valuation basis

Payroll: USA -> Time Wage Type Valuation -> Valuation Bases -> Create Person-Related Valuation Bases -> Maintain basic pay for valuation bases

- How the wage type is to be accumulated

Payroll: USA -> Cumulations -> Assign Cumulations to Wage Types

Please review as there are lots of documentation

Hope it helps