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Table to read planned and target quantities of production order

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Is it possible to read out the planned and target quantities of components and operations of a production order? Can I find it in a table or is it gettin calculated out of BOM and operation plan as I open the production order? Does anybody know?

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Dear Steven Wagner,

Thank you. You can find components and their quantities in RESB table. You can find Requirement (Planned) Quantity in BDMNG. Quantity Withdrawn (Actuals) you can find in ENMNG.


Table RESB : Reservation/dependent requirements


MATNR - Material

BDMNG - Requirement Quantity

ENMNG - Quantity Withdrawn

Operations :

Operations data you can find in AFVV table. You can find AUFPL from order header table : AFKO for the corresponding production order.

Table : AFVV - DB structure of the quantities/dates/values in the operation


MGVRG-Operation Quantity

ASVRG-Operation scrap

LMNGA- Total Yield Confirmed

XMNGA-Total scrap quantity confirmed

Thank you.

Best Regards,


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Hi Steven,

There are couple of ways to get this including tables and BAPI.

To get planned comp quantities, you can refer RESB table and find reservation qty created from order and if you need you can match it with MSEG to get actual consumption at later stage.