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Table required

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Hello, Is there a table that shows "last changed date" on the customer master

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this is to inform you that,

you can go to any change mode or display mode of customer master data.

for Eg: i have gone for XD02 for checking.

there in XD02 i have changed some fields and saved the data and again i went to XD02 - environment - account changes - select all fields.

then system takes you to different screen double click on the field displayed.

select the field - goto all changes or F6. or go to multiple display also.

you will get all the fields changed according to the date.

hope this helps.



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There are different ways to do it

1. XD03 or VD03

Environment -

account changes --- all fields the click on all chages u will get all the information with date time and details of the chagnges by clicking on magnifying glass icon

2. Table CDHDR

For customers, The OBJECTCLASL DEBI.

The OBJECTID the customer number with leading zeroes.

3. Try these reports:




Hope you will get details as required

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Hi Gupta,

You can find the change log from the Customer Master transaction directly i.e. VD02/03,FD02/03 & XD02/03.

click on "All entries"- you will find the complete change log & out of that you can sort out for last change date wrt: field.

Btw: Can you explain your actual requirement? will be helpful to give exact input.


Reazuddin MD

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Reazuddin, thanks fo teh reply.I know the way in VD02/VD03 but if I have many cuatomers to check with, so is there a wat to check.

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Check tables CDHDR(Header changes) and CDPOS (Item changes).