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Table refresh after bound RAP action execution on multiple items is not working

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Hello all,

I have a Fiori Elements App using unmanaged RAP scenario on ODataV4. 

The Actions are defined with parameters and result (+invocationGroup = #ChangeSet). When executing it on a single table line item, the reload works perfectly. But, when executing the action on multiple table items (multi selection), the reload is not working and i have to push the Search button to get my new created entries.

When executing the action on a single line item, there is a refresh running and the new entry and/or updated data are visible. On multiple items, there is a refresh missing after the action...

In BAS, I enabled the scroll and navigation to entity and tried with side effects, but without success. 

What am I doing wrong or what is to configure on BAS or anything else? Any ideas/examples?


Thanks and Best reagrds


SAP BTP, ABAP environment ABAP Development ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model SAP Fiori for SAP S/4HANA 

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You may have to read the updated entities back and pass it to the result parameter

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The entities are updated/created in/after the save method, there i have no result parameter. Just reported and failed. Do you know what is triggering the UI table refresh?