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Table not found 'Company Info'(CINF) - SAP BUSINESS ONE VERSION HANA-UPGRADE 10 PL 03

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Hi Expert,

When I log into SAP Business One 10 PL03. I met the following message: Table not found 'Company Info' (CINF) (ODBC-2004) [Message 131-138] . Could you help me please?

Note: We have recently upgraded version from SAP B1 HANA 9.3 to 10 PL 03.

Thanks & Regards,


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The post is old but I think some further information is required.

The issue is described by note 3120212 - Log On to SAP Business One Client with Error After Delete and Restore Company Database Again

The escenario is not only the one described by the note, as of the latests versions of SAP B1 10.0 the issue continues and it happens just by importing an existing database with the same name without deleting it before that. 

The note has a workaround:

  • Delete the company DB, for example SBODEMOUS.
  • Log on to the Control Center and refresh the company list or open the SAP Business One client and refresh the company list in the Choose Company window.
  • Restore this DB with the same database name again.

However for a productive database this process seems unnecessarily risky, there's no need to delete the database instead as indicated by the solution given here:

1.- Export the affected company DB, even if it has the error "Table not found 'Company Info' (CINF)" just go ahead and export it.

2.- Import the database with the export you just created, do not rename the schema, do the import unto the same database with the same name. 

3.- Once the import is completed try to log in again it should be fixed.

This is exactly what the solution answer says just with more detail.

Hope it helps.