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Table Maintainence generator

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Hi Everybody,

Could some one figure out the steps required for table maintainence generator,

Secondly Can i call the screen generated by table maintainence generator?

please be eloborative with ur steps coz i need to verify where i went wrong and for defining function group,development class i expect a brief explanation if possible.

Thanks in advance for all valuable suggestion.


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Answers (4)

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1. Create a table with "Table maintenance allowed" flag on

2. SE11 -> <enter table> -> Utilities -> Table maintenance generator

3. Enter Authorization group (&NC& for none)

4. Choose function group

5. Choose One step or two step (i.e. 1 screen versus 2 screens)

6. Choose screen numbers

6. Use standard recording routine



o Make sure that you choose your function group wisely. Do no cross contaminate groups with functions that are out of scope. It is better to create a new group if unsure.

o You can have SAP propose screen numbers for you. (SHIFT/F7). These will be the screen number(s) that you will reference in an ABAP program or BDC.

o From here you may go to SM30 and maintaining your table. You can access your table generated maintenance program as you would any other transaction. When creating a variant use SM30 and "skip first screen". This can be helpful for an end user or BDC.

Hope this helps.


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Hi Kyle ,

Thanks for giving such an helpfull explanation, but i have the qst

<b>Make sure that you choose your function group wisely. Do no cross contaminate groups with functions that are out of scope. It is better to create a new group if unsure.</b>

I have a set of 'Z' tables so Could'nt i store all of then in a single Function group?

<b>Wat is the standard way ? whether FM or Tranction ?</b>

<b>How could i skipp the Message Box 'Cross Client'?</b>

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<i>I have a set of 'Z' tables so Could'nt i store all of then in a single Function group?</i>

You can, and usually that should not cause any problem. But the caution was more towards using some other function groups that have a different purpose.

<i>Wat is the standard way ? whether FM or Tranction ?</i>

Depends on your security requirements. If your company doesn't give SM30 access to users in production, then you may have to call the function module in a custom program. We have a common program for maintaining or displaying records of all custom tables. May be you can come up with something like that. All that has is a table name in the selection screen. Inside, the code calls the function module VIEW_MAINTENANCE_CALL for that table.

<i>How could i skipp the Message Box 'Cross Client'?</i>

Looks like you defined your table without the field MANDT(client). Do you really need a table that is not client dependent? If not, just add the field to the table, recreate the table maintenance and you should be fine. There should be a strong reason for you to have a cross-client table. Does your production environment has more than one client for the end users? If not, then having a cross-client table doesn't make sense.


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Hi Srinivas Adavi,

Do you really need a table that is not client dependent?

Presently i am working for adding some new functionality in SAP and according to my req i have to make it available for all the clients ,Hence need to make it Client Independent.

Well Ur Answers r really worthfull for me at this stage.

Can i award points to ur reply as well ?

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If your table needs to be client independent, then you have no option but to live with that message. It is not configurable. Remember that not everyone would allow cross-client table maintenance in production and may also be restricted only to certain clients.

If you have no further questions, please close the post.



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To create table maintenance, use transaction se11 to change your table. Menu option Utilities->Table Maintenace Generator. This screen is where you define the table maintenace. You must specify an authorization group if you security checks or specify auth group "&NC&" for no authorization checks. You must also give a function group for SAP to generate the Table Maintenance program.

The One-Step/Two-Step option determines the maintenance option. One-Step displays the entire table as open for maintenance and you can maintain all entries at once. Two-Step list the table entries in display mode but you can only maintain one entry at a time.

You can call the standard table maintenance by calling function module "VIEW_MAINTENANCE_CALL" instead of calling the screens directly. You only need to pass in two parameters:

"ACTION" - U(change, S(display)

"VIEW_NAME" - table name.

Hope this helps,

Jerrod Baldauf

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First, go to SE11, enter your table name, click change. Click utilities, click table maintenance generator. Enter you authorization group, I usually use &NC&. Enter the name of the function group that will be created by the generator, set overview screen to 1. CLick create. Now you will be able to maintain this table via SM30.

You can also create a "Z" transaction code instead of the user using SM30.

Go to SE93, enter tcode and click create, give a description and select transaction with parameters.

Enter SM30, in the tcode field. check the box for skip initial screen.

At the bottom of the screen, you will need to put some parameters. Put these in.

VIEWNAME                      <table_name>                 
UPDATE                        X 

<table_name> is the name of your table.

Also you can call the maintenance view directly in a program.

  call function 'VIEW_MAINTENANCE_CALL'
            action                       = 'U'
            view_name                    = <table_name>
            client_reference             = 1
            foreign_lock                 = 2
            invalid_action               = 3
            no_clientindependent_auth    = 4
            no_database_function         = 5
            no_editor_function           = 6
            no_show_auth                 = 7
            no_tvdir_entry               = 8
            no_upd_auth                  = 9
            only_show_allowed            = 10
            system_failure               = 11
            unknown_field_in_dba_sellist = 12
            view_not_found               = 13
            others                       = 14.
  if sy-subrc <> 0.
    message id sy-msgid type sy-msgty number sy-msgno
            with sy-msgv1 sy-msgv2 sy-msgv3 sy-msgv4.

Please remember to award points for helpful answers and mark your posts as solved when solved completely. Thanks.


Rich Heilman

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Hi Rich,

I got my thing cleared but wat is the difference between using a Transaction and calling a FM,

Anther thing i am getting the Message box with the Table is Cross Client ,Can i skipp the Message Box?


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