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Hi everybody,

I have the problem that table GLT3 is unequal to table GLT0.

0. All neccessary mapping tables have been completed (e.g. account -> item, partner information, consolidation transaction types and so on...)

1. I activated the Consolidation Ledger 09 using transaction OCCI.

2. I also maintained the ledger currency (EUR) using transaction OCZ2)

3. I loaded data from year 2006, period 1-16

4. I executed the balance carryforward without getting error messages!

5. In 2007 I also loaded data from year 2007, period 1-16...I recognized that all period values in table GLT3 are equal to GLT0, but the balance carryforward values in GLT3 are not equal to GLT3 values (even though I got message that balance carryforward has been executed correctly from 2006 to 2007).

6. I deleted again table GLT3 and repeated same procedure very often...I got the same result: period values don?t differ between both tables, but balance carryforward values differ!

Could you help me please?

Do you have an idea which mistake I did?

Do you have an exactly documentation how to get the data from GLT0 in GLT3 (also for historical data migration)?

Thanks a lot,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Use the following procedure:-

1) Delete all data with OCDZ

2) Recreate Data for 1st year CXNW

3) Check Data OCBV

4) If differences exist > Post via OCBV or GC41

5) Carry forward GVTR

6) Repeat steps 2-5 upto current year.

Note a) Start with the first year that has GLT0 data.

b) Make sure NOONE makes any postings at all while you carry this out.

Kind regards

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