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Table for taxes

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Can any one please suggest me a table equivalent to BSET (for taxes) which will contains fields accounting document number, fiscal year, company code, material number, cost center (split account assigned vendor invoice), tax amount, and base amount for the tax amount

BSET will have all the fields except the material number and cost center. I want to know, to which material, this tax amount has been paid

waiting for your quick reply



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refer these tables:

T005S - Taxes- Region (Province) Key

T005U - Taxes- Region Key- Texts

T006 - Units of Measurement

A003 - Tax Indicator

A053 - Taxes via Jurisdiction Code

T007A - Tax Keys

T007B - Tax Processing in Accounting

T007S - Tax Code Names

T030K - Tax Accounts Determination

T030R - Rules for Determination of Standard Accounts

T050T - General texts

T681A - Conditions: Applications

T681B - Conditions: Applications:

Texts - T681V Conditions: Usages

T681W - Conditions: Usage: Texts

T681Z - Conditions: Dependent Data for Application/Usage

T682I - Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form)

T683S - Pricing Procedure: Data

T683T - Pricing Procedures: Texts

T685 - Conditions: Types

T685A - Conditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data

T685T - Conditions: Types: Texts

TTXD - Description of Tax Jurisdiction Code Structure

TTXJ - Check Table for Tax Jurisdiction

TTXJT - Text Table for Tax Jurisdiction

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