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table for customer credit limit history

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Hi Gurus,

Customer has credit limit on 01-0102010 as 1000 and we changed on 20-06-2010 as 2000 and on 30-10-2010 as 3000. The table KNKK is displaying only present credit limit as 3000. I want historical credit limit data also like 2000 and 1000.What is the table name to get credit limit historical data for customer.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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dear friend, please try KNB4


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In KNB4 there is no customer credit limit field at all . Then how can it usefull. ???????

I want customer credit limit amont not only current but also old credit limit amount.

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I guess there would be no Table to give you Customer Credit LImit amount histroy. This is because, there are far too many Customers & many changes over a period so this would not be possible to store in a table.

You can refer to changes done to individual Customers in FD32.

Hope this helps.


Jignesh Mehta

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Then how can it usefull. ???????

Avoid asking such irritating questions when somebody is trying to help you. Try in AUT10 with the TCode FD32 and date.

G. Lakshmipathi

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Try with


In CDHDR, you can provide

Change doc. object (OBJECTCLAS) - KLIM for Individual limit(KNKA-KLIME)

Transaction (TCODE) - FD32

Provide Date (UDATE) - range for your convience

Take note of CHANGENR - Document number for the desired change log numbers

Now in CDPOS,

Provide CHANGENR and execute

to get the result for all the change log.



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Hi Prakash,

Thank you very much ...........

I have given 10 points for you.............

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Dear All,

kindly consider the solutions proposed by the following contributors:(may save some time and be easier to use)


use report RFDKLIAB:Displays the changes to credit management master data for all accounts.

(S_ALR_87012215 - Display changes to credit management)


use t-code AUT10 with FD32

Best regards.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Rama,

Use below standard reports..u may find the best fit..

Program Function

RFDKLI10 Customers with Missing Credit Data

Checks whether the data regarding credit limits is complete and issues relevant error lists. These enable you to maintain the relevant definitions either manually or with batch input.

RFDKLI20 Reset Credit Limit for Customers

Resets the credit limit information in the control areas.

RFDKLI30 Credit Limit Overview

Lists the central and control area data for each customer.

RFDKLI40 Credit Overview

Provides a comprehensive overview of the customeru2019s credit situation.

RFDKLI41 Credit Master Sheet

Displays and prints the customer master data for an individual account that is needed for credit management.

RFDKLI42 Early Warning List

Displays and prints customers in Credit Management who have been listed by the credit check as critical.

RFDKLI50 Credit Limit Data Mass Change

Changes all the credit management master data together.

RFDKLIAB Display Changes to Credit Management

Displays the changes to credit management master data for all accounts.

RVKRED06 Check Blocked Credit Documents

Checks all the documents blocked for credit reasons. The report is started in the background and should run after the incoming payments programs.

RVKRED77 Reorganize SD Credit Data

Reorganizes open credit, delivery and billing values. It can be used in the event of an update error, for example.

RVKRED08 Checking sales documents which reach the credit horizon

Rechecks all sales documents that fall within the credit limit horizon of the dynamic credit limit check. The report is run at regular intervals and should be run at the start of each period. The system uses the current date and the period split for the open order values to propose the u2018next credit check dateu2019.

RVKRED09 Check Credit Documentsin Background

Checks released documents whose validity period of the release has been exceeded (number of days).

RVKRED88 Simulating Reorganization of SD Credit Data

To run a report:

1. Choose System  Services  Reporting.

2. Enter the name of the report.

3. Choose Program Execute.

4. Enter your selection criteria.

5. Choose Program  Execute or Program  Execute and print.

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In KNB4 there is no credit control limit field at all . Then how can it usefull. ???????