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t-codes for shipping and transportation

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Can anybody give me the mostlyused t-codes in shipping and transpotation management

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Answers (4)

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Giving you mostly used tras. codes;

VL01N - With Reference to Sales Order

VL01NO - Without Order Reference

Collective Processing of Documents Due for Delivery

VL10 - User-Specific Delivery Scenario

VL10A - Sales Orders

VL10C - Sales Order Items

VL10E - Sales Order Schedule Lines

VL10B - Purchase Orders

VL10D - Purchase Order Items

VL10F - Purchase Order Item Schedule Line

VL10G - Sales Orders and Purchase Orders

VL10H - Sales Orders and Purchase Orders (Items)

VL10I - Sales Orders and Purchase Orders (Schedule Lines)

VL10U - Cross-System Deliveries

VL10BATCH - Plan Background Processing

VL10UC - Check and Combine Unchecked Outbound Deliveries


VT01N - Single Documents

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Hai Ramachandra,

Use VL00 and VT00 in easy access screen to find all the related to Shipping and Transportation.

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Pradeep Belur.

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Use SE16N t-code to check TSTCT table. This table stores all the sap t-codes. In the selection screen T-code field put VL* and then execute (Language restrict to EN) it will give the list of all transaction that starts with VL. Similarly take the list that start with VT, LT, LP, LH, LX etc. Together the list will be complete for shipping and transportation.

This will not include SPRO transactions required for customization.

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Check for the Path:

SPRO > IMG > Logistics Execution > Shipping > Basic Shipping Functions > Shipping Point and Goods Receiving Point Determination

SPRO > IMG > Logistics Execution > Transportation > Basic Transportation Functions


T.Code VL00 - Shipping

Transport Management:

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