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T CODE MIRO- Service tax mapping

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I am making an entry through miro . this is a normal invoice entry. where i select expense account. vendor account credit and expense account debit.

With this i am selecting a tax code which has service tax the component are as follow

service tax 10%

education cess on above 2%

Secondary and higher educ cess 1%

the three accounts are defined as expense account by us , but while passing the entry i select a particular cost center in the expense line item. the above three accounts are autopost which are picked up when the entry is simulated. the profit center picked up by the above three gl account is based on business area and profit center mapping, but the cost center put in the expense line item is different which picks up different profit center.

we have a mapping of Business area to profit center , our requirement is while passing the entry the cost center put in the expense line item should be picked up by the above three service tax line items also which are automatically generated on simulation.

Is there any solution on this.

Your solution will be adequately rewarded.


Prashant Zinge

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