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System Status Lock

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On the same subject mentioned (raised by Pradip Patil  ji) above the query is unanswered.

the current query is

WBS control is governed by various user status.

In my company the  WBS has user status as

PEFI (Financial approval)


PEAP (Approval by Competent  authority).

Single network is linked with single WBS (Level 2).

Since Network is independent object. The network component/costs can be changed any time.

The problem is that, "The network shall not be allowed for change,while the user status of WBs is PEFI". It shall be permitted for change only beyond   PEAP user status or before attaining user status PEFI.

Kindly guide how this check can be made.

One Instance has been reported by our System Integrator HCL and was taken care by

Rachel Tang
Senior Support Consultant
Active Global Support-PLM/MAN/AFS

Kindly guide for workaround

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Answers (4)

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Thanks all,

I guess substitution/user exit is solution for this problem.I have forwarded this information to BASIS.Hope query will be resolved.I will update accordingly.

Also as suggested by PardhaSaradhi Reddy.Chelikam. PEFI user status on WBS  is being able to be configured for object network and network activity .But Assignments of WBS to network needs to be freezed for the same.

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Use can use a User Status on the Network Activity top prevent changes.  Then use a User Exit to set the Status on the NWA from the WBS.  It could be embedded in a Substitution. 

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Hi Sourabh,

Create a substitution create a step for checking the status at WBS for"PEFI", if its true call user exit (Since by standard we can't call network parameter at WBS substitution).

In user exit set the status of network and all its activity to  user status say "Under approval". Where user status "Under approval" is been created with forbidding all type of postings.

How this helps you.



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What is "forbidden action" against your business transaction for respective user status of WBS element and Network ?Kindly check in OIBS against your status profile of WBS and network.

Kindly show us the WBS and Network status screens (CJ20N) and also OIBS screen.



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Hi Saurabh,

Using just user status you cannot restrict change of Network.

For this, you need to use User Exit, to grey out the network based on the user status. Discuss with your abaper