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System status get change after selecting any tab in Preventive orders in PM

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Hi All,

We are creating Preventive maintenance order via maintenance plan. After order get created then its status get changed after selecting any tab in that order.This is happening only some of the orders

Step 1:- when order created it status is as per below image (CRTD NMAT PRC)

Step 2:- when selecting any tab (example-selected operation tab) its status get changed.(CRTD MANC NMAT NTUP PRC)

Please suggest.



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Answers (3)

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Hi Vishu,

Sometimes It appears....  it may be just the status summary line is not filled but the actual status values are correctly set. Check if exit STATTEXT (include ZXBS1U01) is active. This can often be responsible for showing inaccurate status details on the status line.

For tracking  all system status  :

In IW32, Click on Status icon & Set "AllStatuses" filter to display all the system status.

Hope it will be useful to you...


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Hi Vishu,

Did you update labour hours or components to the order  ? Or any Task list added ?



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Hi Vishnu,

Please check if there is any enhancement is done at the time of order creation/change event.

Also check yout OPU7 setting for your order type.