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System requirements for FSCM credit management

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We have implemented FI - AP, GL and CO as phase 1 (ECC6.0)

and not implementing FSCM and AR as phase 2.

As I understand FSCM credit management exchanges information using XML interfaces.

Is it mandatory to have SAP XI for the interfaces to work ?

Are there any alternatives to make FSCM work without XI ?


Sushil Joshi

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Dear Sushil,

Have you found the answer for the question, Do we definitely need XI to be implemented for FSCM Credit Management.

If yes tell me how to achieve it.

Edited by: Sharvesh Paracharan on Jan 20, 2009 9:41 AM

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Hi Sharvesh,

You definitely need XI for FSCM credit management. You can find the configuration guide for FSCM credit management that shows what services need to be activated in XI for credit management. As for setting up XI server, your inhouse XI expert should be able to set that up.

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Dear Nile,

Thank you very much for your response.

Now I have One question with the Checking rules in FSCM Credit management.

For SD orders where to create the credit rule and I need to set up condition like If credit check =Positive then Order release or If Credit check = Negative Order block,

Where to define this conditions and how?

This is in System ECC 6.0