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How are symbolic accounts created in SAP HR? are they system generated?

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We need to create Symbolic accounts in SAP HR.

we have two types of symbolic accounts in payroll,

1) expense account: it is denoted by C, which will be

created by going to T.CODE OBYE,

2) balance sheet/ liable account: which is denoted by F, it

is created by going T.CODE OBYG.

You can go through the below forum,

Extra information

Symbolic accounts are the link between the payroll and finance sections of SAP.

Every wage type which posts from payroll to the finance section of SAP, needs to do so via a symbolic account that has been defined in table T52EK. So every posting wage type must be assigned to a symbolic account. Table T52EL_COMP is very useful when maintaining the mapping between wage types and symbolic accounts, it shows every wage type and where it points to. Wage types will only appear in this table if they are first entered into table T52EZ, which specifies which wage types should post to the finance section using date parameters.

A symbolic account can have limitless wage types pointing at it, this means that if, for example, you have 3 wage types that post to the same GL account, they could all point to the same symbolic account.

A wage type can point at more than one GL account, this is necessary when posting wage types such as Employeru2019s NIC and Employeru2019s Pension Contributions for example. The way to handle such cases is to have the same wage type posting to one GL account as a debit and another as a credit, hence not affecting the overall balance of the posting document.

When specifying the link between symbolic accounts and GL accounts in the relevant IMG step, selecting u2018Rulesu2019 at the top of the screen gives you various options for your symbolic accounts.

u2022 By selecting the check box u2018Employee groupu2019, it is possible to use the same symbolic account to point at different GL accounts according to the Employee Grouping. This means that the same wage type can post to different GL accounts according to the Groupings specified in table T52EM and the rules specified in feature PPMOD. N.B. Only wage types that have the u2018MOMAGu2019 (Account determination dependent on employee grouping) box selected in table T52EK will be dependent on Employee Grouping.

u2022 By selecting the check box Debit/Credit, it is possible to have the same symbolic account pointing at a separate GL accounts for debits and credits.

A word of warning however, if you are changing the rules for your symbolic accounts you will lose all your current entries mapping symbolic accounts to GL accounts, so be very sure of what you are doing and do not play around with this IMG step.

A very useful tool when customizing the settings for the Payroll and FI integration is the u2018Check Consistency of Customizingu2019 step of the IMG. This report shows which GL account each wage type will post to, if there are any wage types that are not pointing at a GL account via a symbolic account then the report will show u2018??????u2019.If u2018??????u2019 appears, then there is an error in the customizing and you will receive an error when you try and post the wage type. A common reason for u2018??????u2019 appearing in the report when the configuration has been finished is that a symbolic account has been specified as an expense account in table T52EK, for example, but has been pointed at a balance sheet account in relevant step of the IMG.