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Suspending Background Jobs during an upgrade downtime

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We are upgrading to ECC 6.0 soon and there will be an extended downtime to facilitate the cutover.

The downtime will cover two days so there may be some daily jobs that will fall twice within the downtime. If I run program BTCTRNS1 to suspend Background jobs, and the run BTCTRNS2 to recommence, will the daily jobs that were scheduled to tun twice during the downtime, actually run twice or will only the most recent instance run?

Similarly for hourly jobs, when I run BTCTRNS2 will all hourly jobs that were due to run in the downtime, actually run when i execute BTCTRNS2 to recommence?



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You dont need to manually deschedule background jobs during downtime. the Upgrade will automatically deschedule background jobs during the phase JOB_BTCTRNS0. Upgrade will automatically prompt you to run btctrans and schedule suspended jobs during postprocessing.

This will basically release the jobs suspended during upgrade .


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BTCTRNS1 will suspend and BTCTRNS2 will reschedule the jobs as they were.

But it will not let run the jobs that are due in downtime. It will reschedule and then jobs will be picked therafter depending on the time and events whichever is applicable.

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