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Surcharge on CST

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Please let me know how to include surcharge on CST in the existing scenario.

Please tell me sequence of steps to be performed. Rate is 5% surcharge on CST.

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Answers (3)

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If only CST tax amount there in purcahse order,Go for concept: Use condition type NAVS in MM pricing procedure(M/08),placed properly with logic and bring all tax amount which is in CST condition type in tax procedure to NAVS condition type in MM pricing procedure.Now  create a new condition type  for surcharge in M/06 as ZSUR and place it after condition type NAVS in MM pricing procedure (M/08)to calculate from NAVS value only ( design it with from & to combination) and save.

Go for PO creation and see how CST flow from CST condition type in tax procedure to NAVS condition in MM pricing procedure and how surcharge calclated on value in NAVS condition which represent CST value!

More check link:


Biju K

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if you want to calculate surcharge on sales tax, you may have to use function module J_1I7_USEREXIT_PROCESS_TKOMV.

otherwise you can use a conditon which is based on the same base as your CST. in FTXP give the percentage as a multiple of tax percentage and surcharge percentage

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Hi Vineet

I have no idea about your current scenario. But to add surcharge to CST, create a Condition type and add it to the pricing procedure. Maintain tax percentage to that condition type. Below is a sample Pricing procedure

-Shantha Kumar

Step CtypDescFrom ToStatistical
1000BASBBase Amount00
1200 Sub total00X
5600JMOPIN: BED setoff %1200
5610JMOQIN: BED setoff Qty1200
5620JAOPIN: AED setoff %1200
5630JAOQIN: AED setoff Qty1200
5640JSOPIN: SED setoff %1200
5650JSOQIN: SED setoff Qty1200
5700JMIPIN: BED inventory %1200
5710JMIQIN: BED inventory Qt1200
5720JAIPIN AED inventory %1200
5730JAIQIN AED inventory Qty1200
5740JSIPIN SED inventory %1200
5750JSIQIN SED inventory Qty1200
5780JMX1IN: A/P BED setoff560561
5790JAX1IN: A/P AED setoff562563
5800JSX1IN: A/P SED setoff564565
5810JMX2IN: A/P BED inventor570571
5820JAX2IN: A/P AED inventor572573
5830JSX2IN: A/P SED inventor574575
5850 Total excise duty560575X
5860 Total Excise Duty Inventory560575X
5870 Total Excise Duty W/O E.Cess560575X
5900JECPP IN:A/P E.Cess seto5870
5920JECIIN:E.Cess Inventory5860
5940JEX1IN:A/P E.Cess setoff590590
5960JEX2IN:E.Cess Inventory592592
5980JSEPIN:AP SECess setoff%5870
6000JSEIIN:AP SECess inv. %5860
6020JHX1IN:A/PSE.Cess setoff598598
6040JHX2IN:SE.Cess Inventory600600
6100 Price120120X
6110 Total Excise Duty5870X
6120 Total E. Cess590592X
6130 Total SE.Cess598600X
6140 Base Price for Sales Tax610613
6240JVCSIN:AP CST Non Deduct6140
6250Z****IN: AP CST Surcharge6240
6260JVRDIN:AP VAT RawMat Cr6140
6280JVRNIN:AP VAT RawMat Inv6140
6300JVCDN:AP VAT Capital Cr6140
6320JVCNIN:AP VAT CapitalInv6140
6340 Total Price+All Taxes614632X
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We are using TAXINN procedure so I guess we need to add surcharge condition type there.

Any idea from which condition type shall I copy and create a surcharge condition type?

Do I need to maitain 5% surcharge rate in FTXP for every tax code in which service tax rate is maintained?

Do I need to manintain this surcharge condition type in the below mentioned setting also:



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In TAXINN u will be giving % only on FV11 (Condition records), since TAXINN is condition based. We will be using FTXP only in TAXINJ - Formula based, so here updating in FTXP is not useful. You can create a new condition type by copying CURB.

And you are right you have to maintain the new Condition type in the above said configuration also.

-Shantha Kumar