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Suppose if new equipment first service 500 hrs nd every service 1500 how to create maintenance task.

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- New equipment has a first service interval of 500 hours

- Subsequent service intervals are every 1500 hours

- The first service order should be automatically generated at 500 hours

- The next service order should be automatically generated at 1500 hours (and so on)

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Hi Mohit,
The simplest solution is to have 2 maintenance plans for this scenario.
The #1MP will generate just one order
- Counter 500 hrs
- define the end date of the plan. 500 hrs is 62.5 full days if the asset works 24/7.
  I guess it won't work even 75% of it. 
  After this date, once the counter hits 1 000 hrs etc. - doesn't matter, the plan wont be triggered as it falls 
  not in the date range u defined.

The #2MP will generate subsequent orders, once each 1 500 working hours are reached:
- Counter 1 500 hrs
- no date constraints as it will be valid throughout the whole lifecycle of the asset

Lemme know what you think about it.


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Thnnxxx Sir