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Supersession problem

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Hi All,

In material determination process we have 2 process

case 1) simple material determination: in this case system directly replace the material with other one.there is no other line item appear in sales order.

case 2) In second case system replace the material with other one & line item appear along with original material(means with superseded materiel appear with old material).

In both cases if material is not available on current date system automatic proposed the future date & material is confirm on that date only.

This process was happening in SAP 4.6 version.

Now system is upgraded with SAP ECC 6.0.

In new version simple material determination is running properly and system taking future schedule line date also(Case 1).

But in superseded material system is not confirming schedule line date for future delivery.

once we are saving the sales order schedule line is appearing in gray mode so we cant edit also.

for alternative now, we are just delete the line item & again put new item & we confirm the material.

I am not able to diagnosis this issue, kindly give me the solution..

thanks in advance



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Ajit,

I think, its standard behaviour.

eg: As you aware, we use the material determinatoin for supercession.( new material replacing old material based on certain checks).

I hope you are using "0004- Automatic. Material selection" substitution reason.

As per std customization-

Old Material, item category - TAX ( Usage is PSEL) ( not relevant for delivery & rel for billing)

Superceeded material Item cat - TAPS ( relevant for delivery, not rel for billing)

So, Delivery will happen for superceeded material & billing for Old material. If you obseve the Old material sch.lines which will be copy/ replica of superceeded material schedule lines.

For superceeded material availability check considers "One-time delivery" concept, which means, you can only deliver Available stock of superceede material. in this case, superceeded material availability check is active with One-time delivery.

SAP doesnt support the Delivery proposal/complete delivery for superceede item.

To achieve this we have done development, to create another line item, if the said item is not confirmed completely.

Hope it adds info.


Reazuddin MD

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I created a " make to order production " having few normal materials & few supersession materials.

created PO, GR,invoice, all done.PO is updated in sales order.stock is updated.

Schedule line is automatically confirmed for normal materials, but not confirmed for supersession materials.

can anybody tell me , how schedule line can be automatically confirm for supersession materials.

i am using "0009- Parts Change" substitution reason.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi All :

I am facing a problem in Delivery creation. The stock is available in the plant but not allowing be to confirm the delivery.

Material - XYZ - Sales Order delivert qty - 4 kg

In sales order confirm stock.but vl01n not show Qty,

Now as of date my current stock is showing 20kg but still it is not allowing me to create delivery.& i checked in MD04

only show is stock -14kg

Please look into this and help me quickly,

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Hi Ajith,

I am also facing the same problem.. Did you solve this yet?