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Summarized Process order cost report including Target / Actual qtys

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I’m looking for a cost report similar to process order cost analysis (E.g. COR3): Goto / Costs / analysis

We need to execute this report for more than one process order, and with a combined output.

I’ve looked at KOC4, but it still shows individual process orders after output.

We also looked at KKBC_HOE and MCRX…

To summarize, we need a report that will group different process orders together, reporting on Planned, Target and Actual quantities (we are specifically looking at quantity and not costs). The aim is to tract Target quantity vs. Actual quantity for different BOM materials consumed by process orders.

Does anyone know of such a (standard) report?

Kind regards


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Dear Werner,

I would suggest to use COOISPI report with List at Order Headers (To see the process orders details) OR at the Components (To see the process orders with components withdrawals)

Target Quantity will be the planned quantity of the process order.

You may add in Confirmed Quantity in the layout to derive the actual confirmed quantity of both the finish goods and the components.

Hope this helps

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Thanks for your reply. Please refer to my example below:

I’m producing material P001 using a monthly process order.

To produce 1 ton of material P001, we need to consume 20KG of material C001 (as indicated on BOM)

When creating process order for P001 for 100TO, the material list on process order will show that we need 2000KG (100 x 20) of C001. The cost analysis will show:

Total plan quantity: 2000KG (100 x 20)

Total Actual Quantity: 0

Total Target Quantity: 0

After a couple of days, the process order header will show:

Total Qty: 100TO

Delivered: 50TO (actual GR’s for material P001)

The cost analysis will show:

Total plan quantity: 2000KG (100 x 20)

Total Actual Quantity: 855KG (actual Goods Issues for material C001)

Total Target Quantity: 1000KG (50 x 20)

From above example we can see that process should have consumed 1000KG of C001, but in fact only consumed 855KG.

We need to track the deviation between Total Target & Total Actual, but for a group of similar process orders (i.e. they use the same raw materials). The standard process order cost report only allows for one process order cost analysis.

Kind regards