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SUM error in phase READDATA_STRL due to missing file

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Dear colleagues,

I'm performing a System Conversion from an ECC 6.08 System to S/4HANA 2023. I executed the Maintenance Planner and downloaded all the required files.

When executing SUM, at step READDATA_STRL it's asking for file "S4HANA_OP_2023_ERP_MISCS751.SAR", but that file is not part of what I downloaded and I cannot find it in the Support Portal. The physical files I downloaded are "S4HANAOP108_ERP_MISCS<version>.SAR". For example, I have the ones for 700, 701, 702, 730, 750, 7501, 772, etc., but the one for 751 is not there and also not available as an individual file in the Download area of the Support Portal. The file should be "S4HANAOP108_ERP_MISCS751.SAR".

I tried doing the whole process again, but this time for S/4HANA 2022 SPS003 (asuming the error is a bug of the process), but it stops in the same step, for the same file, but for S/4HANA 2022. In that case the missing file is "S4HANAOP107_ERP_MISCS751.SAR". As in the previous case, the file also doesn't exist in the support portal.

I'm using the latest SUM version, SP19. The source System is an ERP 6.08 with SAP_BASIS 750 and SAP_APPL 618.

Does anyone faced the same error and know how to solve it?

Best regards,


Jorge Pinaud.

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I have the same problem, if you find a solution please share, I have opened a case with SAP to see what it could be, perform a new maintenance planner calculation, look for the file in the download directory, test that it was S4HANAOP108_ERP_MISCS757_02.SAR inside of the download media and it didn't work either.