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Substitution in FI. Field Order

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I need to clear the orden number ( BSEG-AUFNR) during a substitution in FI.

I created the condition and the rule substitution a item level like that:

Condition: BSEG-HKONT >= '600000000' AND

BSEG-HKONT <= '699999999'

Substitution Field AUFNR replaced by a constant value equal to empty.

The simulation works, but the accounting registry doesn´t work.

Thanks pour helps.

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Answers (2)

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You can activate TRACE and see why the substitution failed.

Go to Extras -> Activate trace

You have to stand on the substitution.

After that go and post a document.


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Something doesn't look ok - your substitution that if the account number is '600000000' and if the account number is '699999999', then order number will be equal to empty.

How can your account number be '600000000' as well as '699999999' - If your requirement is if any of the line items uses one of these 2 account numbers, then order number must be blank. Then it should be or condition.

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Surely, la condition of the substitution is BSEG-HKONT >= '600000000' AND

BSEG-HKONT <= '699999999' for aplying to all the accounts between 600000000 and 699999999'.

And the result is that field INTERNAL ORDER ( BSEG-AUFNR) must be replace by initicial value ( blanks)

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Dear Adriana,

please refer to note 20637 - Inserting Fields in Validations and Substitutions

In table GB01, field BSEG-AUFNR is an excluded field and therefore

is not available for substitution.



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Thanks Attila

Right now, we are reviewing the note.

But, do you know if exists any constaint for clearing the internal order in FI substitution ?

Thanks in advance.