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Subsequent invoice processing tab in customer master sales area billing tab

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Hi Experts,

                   I looked for the need of subsequent invoice processing tab in customer master: sales area: Billing tab. I searched for the previous answers regarding this and still in a confusing state.

I just want to know the exact use of the field, whether it is used to check only for printing out of manually posted invoice processing or to block the invoice to automatically release into accounting. And also is there any relation between this tab and the posting block tab in billing document configuration (VOFA)..?

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Hi Rajesh

I have just tested this and came to know that this field is not working for blocking the posting of invoice to FI. In my opinion this field has no link with VOFA settings. In VOFA we can block automatic posting of invoice to FI but this field in customer master has nothing to do that. I have seen old threads on this and everyone has shared its F1 help which is not clear. If you test this by marking this field as checked it doesnt impact anything.

Please go through the note 354179 in which it is stated that in standard SAP this field has no functionality.

Even in my system it was suppressed and I displayed it through IMG. Still I am not sure why SAP has delivered a field which has no function

I am looking into it and will let you know if I find something new.


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Thanks for ur reply MoazzaM.. Me too checked by marking this field and it has no effect.. ! Anyway, thanks for confirming this..!