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Subsequent Activities

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Hi Gurus

can anybody tell me how can we process subsequent activities after finish Off-Cycle Run? and what is the Path to get them? and explain me what should I do untill finish the Off-Cycle process after save that results? what is the end point of OC Proces?

Thanks & Reards

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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<br>Please go to to learn more on offcycle.<br>


Run report PUOCBA to execute the list of offcycle subsequent activities.<br>



Short Text<br>

Subsequent Processes of Off-Cycle Activities<br>



If you have used the Off-Cycle Workbench to run payroll, to replace a payment or to reverse a payroll result, the system writes all the necessary result information in the Indicator Table for Off-Cycle Batch Processing (T52OCG). This report further processes the results from this table by creating processes in the HR Process Workbench. The report uses various process models for these processes. In these process models, you have already defined all the subsequent programs for off-cycle payroll, payment replacements and reversals.<br>


In the country versions for USA and Canada, the report follows on from the functions Payroll, Payment replacement and Reversal that you have carried out in the Off-Cycle Workbench.



In Customizing for Payroll under Off-Cycle Activities -> Create Process Models for Off-Cycle Subsequent Processing, you have copied the model process models from the standard system to the customer name range, and, if necessary, adjusted them to meet the requirements of your business processes. The standard system contains the following model process models:<br>

HR Process model Off-Cycle, Subsequent Payroll Programs<br>

HR Process model Off-Cycle, Reprint Replaced Checks<br>

HR Process model Off-Cycle, Posting After Reversal<br>


The report reads the data from the Indicator Table for Off-Cycle Batch Processing and creates processes using the process model that you specify in the selection screen. The process model determines the subsequent programs used and the order in which they are executed.

The following types of subsequent processing are available:

Subsequent processing of off-cycle payroll results

Reprinting of checks for replaced payments

Posting to Accounting of reversed documents for reversed payroll results.


You must select the Batch processing type, since you cannot run the report collectively for all the functions that you have executed in the Off-Cycle Workbench. The results from off-cycle payroll runs, payment replacements and reversals require differing subsequent programs. Consequently, you must execute the report separately for each of these functions.

You can further restrict the subsequent processing of off-cycle payroll runs, for example, if different employees are responsible for bonus accounting runs and correction runs and want to run the report individually.


If you want the system to carry out a different subsequent processing for one payroll type only, for example, Payroll Results Adjustment, you must define a specific process model. You then run the report for this payroll type using this process model.

Specify the process model that is relevant for the Batch processing type

We recommend that you do not make any further restrictions in the Payroll area and Personnel number fields in the live system, since off-cycle subsequent processing must be run for all employees. You can, if required, make further restrictions in the test system.

In subsequent processing for payment replacements, you can, if required, use the Date and Identification fields to make further restrictions. In these fields, you enter the date and identification feature of the data record in the table T52OCG, which is used by the system to collect all the replacements made on one day.


To determine the identification feature, you can run the report H99LT52OCG (Display the Indicator Table for Off-Cycle Batch Processing). In the selection screen, enter the procedure type R (Check replacement). You can access the report in the off-cycle menu.


You obtain an output list that shows which process the system has applied for its subsequent processing of off-cycle payroll, payment replacement or reversal.


Enter the required data and run the report. We recommend that you schedule the report, for example, at the end of the working day, as a regular background job for the functions payroll, payment replacement and reversal.

Then, in the HR Process Workbench, check the processes that the system has used for subsequent processing. The relevant number for each of the processes is displayed in the results list.


Following off-cycle payroll runs that you have executed in the Off-Cycle Workbench, the system should regularly create remuneration statements, print checks and finally post payroll results to Accounting.

You copy the SAP process model HR-Process Model Off-Cycle, Subsequent Payroll Programs to the customer name range. The process model includes programs that carry out the required subsequent processing. You also copy the program variants to the customer name range. You schedule this report as a regular background job that is run at the end of each working day. Under Type of subsequent processing, you mark the Payroll field, and enter your customer-specific process model under Parameters for process model. You do not make any further restrictions.

After each working day, the system carries out the required subsequent programs. At the start of the next working day, you check, in the HR Process Workbench, whether the subsequent processing was correctly executed. If required, you make corrections.

Good luck<br><br>


Amosha <br><br>"Known is a drop & unknown is an OCEAN!"

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Hi Amosha Thanks a lot to assist in learn more knowledge on OC.

Thank You Very Much

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi,<br> Please updt the post and provide fdbc. Let me know if you need more help. Good luck<br><br> Thanks, Amosha <br><br>"Known is a drop & unknown is an OCEAN!"

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after the execution of offcycle payroll you have to excute the DME or Report to pay through bank or Cash. Then you have to execute posting to accounting via normall posting run with giving special parameters of offcycle in selection screen.

You can do this manually with out using that particular OC susequent activities.