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Subcontracting with multiple return

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Hello Experts!

We are planning to deploy the subcontracting process on the client and I'm wondering if you can run the following scenario:

Client sends a raw material (leather in nature) to be processed by a supplier, however there is a possibility of return to different levels of quality. Example: Leather Gold, Silver Leather, Bronze Leather.

My question is if I can get it via standard or custom.

How to Run MIGO with different materials that came out in the OP?

Depending on the quality of raw material, my supplier can return different qualities of product.

Ex: Leather Gold 60kg + Leather Silver 40kg or 10+40+50...



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Answers (6)

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We found a half primate solution, but that was attended ...

We sent the material and inputs via delivery note without reference to order and left to make the request when issuing the NF by the supplier, identifying the quality of each material processed. Hence we will not make referral of the request, only the entry of NF.

We are still adjusting, but it was the path closest to the ideal. Brazil sil sil sil ...

Hug and thanks for your support!



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Check whether you can create one work order, and create these sub contracting PO's using work order as account assignment category. Once you receive the goods from the supplier it will get consumed on order. Then post 262 movement type for required qty wrt different materials.

Here you wont be having control over how much qty you will be getting from the order using 262 movement type.


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Dear Leandro,

Agreed with Jurgen, You have only two options with in standard SAP which are available, that is handling with by-product (consider standard Price for by-product as well) or Received it in 4th material and then do transfer posting with 309 to three material but for you have compromise on Cost of material as well, Else go for the custom development if possible.

Best Regards

Mohsin Abbasi

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Use moviment 309 would be an option if it was the problem of the Brazilian oversight. I can not just say that a material has become another of a sudden.

The issue of distribution of processing costs between incoming product quality is also an issue that SAP would not attend as standard. I think I'll have to develop a cost sharing and parallel distribution of materials.

I plan on using the distribution of materials in the MIGO (standard) between deposits and name each deposit with the quality of incoming goods.

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But I do not know the amount that will be processed in my supplier, with those qualities. It may be that come all the PO as Gold 100%. It may be that return 80% Silver, 20% Gold and Bronze no.

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If you don't know what your vendor delivers to you, then SAP knows even less.

It is just fact that the Core ERP system has no functionality to receive 3 different materials from a single purchase order line.

You can order one item and can get one item, a second or a third item might be a by-product, but this is not really what you are looking for.

You can use the by-product scenario but then you need to work with standard prices as SAP cannot distribute the costs equally to the by-product for you.

If you dont want 3 items as it may confuse your vendor, then maybe you could consider to create a 4th material, precious metal unknown, and only order that, and when you get the goods you post the whole receipt to precious metal unknown and subsequently you distribute it manually with a 309 movement to your Gold, Silver and Bronze materials.

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Dear Leandro;

As per per your business requirement either you can maintain one PO with 3 Line item with different Qty. or create 3 different PO with 3 different materials with 30 KG each and do the Goods Issue in ME2O/ MB1A with reference to 3 POs (90 KG) and do the GRN in MIGO individually.



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Hi Leandro,

Normally in subcontracting process, client sends one or two components to supplier to make semi/finished product.

In your case it is reverse. So one Idea is create three line items(gold, silver, bronze) in a single PO and assign component as your material (leather in nature) for all the line items.

While processing GRN, take the consumption/making pattern from supplier and enter the qty accordingly.