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Subcontracting stock report

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Hi Folks,

I am sending subcon stock to the vendor using 541 O from a stock.This stock is moved to the subcontractor from different Storage Locations of a Plant.

I want to know of a way, by which I can identify the stock at Subcon vendor, based on the SLoc from where the stock was sent out, as I need this information in a program to do subsequent reporting, ZTable updates etc.

Subcon stock is at plant level, and does not consider at Sloc level, for example in MMBE.

I can search for movements done from the plant sloc, but it will be very resource hungry, is there any standard table/report/BAPI which can help me in achieving this.



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Hi Shailesh,

It's difficult SAP doesn't have that option from existing process. So, It better you need to activate BADI based on your requirement.

Kindly go through the below notes:

OSS Note: 206159 & OSS Note: 1273567 and OSS Note: 376050