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subcontracting scenario?

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Good mng Gurus,

I have one subcontracting scenario, where company is providing two materials(namely A and B)..But to get the finished product, 4 materials are required and remaining two materials(namely C and D), subcontract vendor is providing..

How can i map this into SAP?

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1) Create the BOM with A & B materials

2) Create the Purchasing inforecord with the cost of labourCD

3) Create the subcon PO

4) issue the components A & B

5) Receive the Finished goods

6) Varify the invoice.

Hope it helps


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sorry to say guru..

i didn't get the 2nd point i.e.,

"Create the Purchasing inforecord with the cost of labourCD"...

could u pls elaborate this point pls?

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Creat Subcontract purchase info record with price = Cost of sevice + cost of material C&D.


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sorry gurus..

i m not clear as how to proceed in this scenario..

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You have to consider only following points;

1. Create BOM of the FG with only 2 materials A & B

2. And in Subcontracting Info Record or Subcontracting PO of FG, enter Price (For e.g. for Condition Type PR00) which will not be only Subcontracting Charge but will be sum of Subcontracting Charge aand Value of Materials C & D.

This means there wil not be any material movement and inventory tracking of materials C & D. Only Cost of the materials will be captured and posted to Cost of FG as part of Subcontracting charges. And Invoice / Payment will be done to the vendor for the same as per the Subcontracting PO.